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5/17/2021 Vouna announce new album, release lead single
4/22/2021 Portal premiere new song, to release album in May
4/28/2020 Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin announce collaborative record
3/23/2020 Old Man Gloom surprise fans with second new album
9/19/2019 Lord Mantis set to release first new LP in 5 years
3/7/2019 Dreadnought announce new album, premiere song
2/11/2019 Profound Lore to release new Dead To A Dying World album
9/6/2018 Evoken to release album in November; new song online
8/21/2018 Hissing sign with Profound Lore Records, debut new song
7/13/2018 Infernal Coil album set for release
2/8/2018 Wayfarer to release new album in May
12/12/2017 Of Feather And Bone to release new album in March
8/7/2017 Bell Witch to release new album in October
6/19/2017 Sannhet announce new album, premiere song
2/22/2017 Full Of Hell announces new album
2/16/2017 Artificial Brain announce new album, premiere song
1/4/2017 Pallbearer announces new album
8/10/2016 Pallbearer release, stream new EP
6/22/2016 Dysrhythmia album set for release
6/6/2016 SubRosa to release new album in August
4/18/2016 Psalm Zero album set for release
1/30/2016 Profound Lore Records set to release new Geryon LP
1/19/2015 Pyramids complete new album; premiere song
12/4/2014 Sumac (Isis, Baptists, Botch) announce debut album
9/19/2014 Full Of Hell completes new album
7/19/2014 Witch Mountain announces new album
6/6/2014 Pallbearer to release new album in August
4/28/2014 Wolvhammer album set for release
2/3/2014 Agalloch announces new album
12/26/2013 Old Man Gloom prepares new album
12/9/2013 Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
8/23/2012 Yakuza album set for release
2/27/2012 Profound Lore announces Scion Label Showcase
1/5/2012 Dysrhythmia signs with Profound Lore Records
9/23/2011 Profound Lore to release Pallbearer debut
4/6/2010 KEN mode announces new album, tour
10/4/2008 YOB signs with Profound Lore Records

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