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5/17/2019 Phobia debut new song, to release new album in August
2/27/2019 Eyehategod, Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, Phobia tour
3/8/2018 Spring Meltdown Metal Fest 2018 line-up takes shape
1/24/2018 Exhumed, Incantation, Phobia tour dates
7/17/2017 Eyehategod to tour U.S. with Cro-Mags, Negative Approach
4/24/2017 Full Terror Assault 2017 announced
3/10/2017 Phobia announce new album, premiere song
1/5/2017 71 Grind festival 2017 announced
10/31/2016 Phobia rejoined by ex-members, set to record new album
7/27/2016 Phobia, Nomads tour dates
2/1/2016 Phobia to release two-decade retrospective
1/6/2016 Battalion of Saints, Phobia, Nomads tour dates
3/24/2015 Ghoul, Phobia, Nekrofilth tour
2/10/2015 Extreme Noise Terror, Phobia mini-tour
11/4/2014 Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, more announce tour
7/17/2014 Phobia announces new EP
7/6/2014 Phobia tour dates
4/25/2014 Denver Black Sky 2014 announced
1/7/2013 Exhumed, Phobia tour dates
9/15/2012 Phobia, D.I.S., Strong Intention tour dates
5/17/2012 Phobia, Strong Intention tour dates
4/10/2012 Phobia to release new album in June
12/12/2011 Murder Construct recording debut full-length
10/2/2011 Phobia singer responds to ANb's Jay Randall
9/28/2011 Agoraphobic Nosebleed lashes out at Phobia singer
2/13/2011 Phobia/Abaddon Incarnate split 7" out this month
11/4/2010 Eyehategod, Phobia tour dates
9/15/2010 Relapse Records to release Phobia EP
3/21/2010 Phobia to record new EP
9/16/2009 Municipal Waste announces fall tour
6/10/2009 Phobia cancels tour dates
4/1/2009 Phobia, Magrudergrind, Unholy Grave tour dates
12/19/2008 Willowtip Records signs three bands
5/16/2008 Impaled, Phobia, Illogicist, Maruta tour
3/3/2008 Phobia, Magrudergrind, Skarp tour
11/20/2007 Phobia and Disrupt to release live split
10/29/2007 Phobia prepares new album
5/2/2007 Phobia tour schedule
5/13/2005 Willowtip Records signs six bands
4/9/2004 Grind The East Coast Tour dates

News Tidbits
7/13/2019 Phobia debut new track
11/9/2008 Phobia has posted a track from their split with Extinction Of Mankind.
7/21/2008 Phobia has unveiled a track from their forthcoming full-length.
5/1/2007 Phobia has posted a song from their upcoming split with Toxic Narcotic.

1/15/2020 2019 Metal Albums of the Year

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