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Phobia to release two-decade retrospective

Official press release: Melotov Records presents the March 4th release of Phobia's Decades of Blastphemy, a massive 4-CD discography chronicling the first two decades of the definitive grindcore band's career. Decades of Blastphemy collects 17 complete Phobia releases, originally released between 1990 and 2010, equaling over 150 tracks of pure Phobia grind. CD 1: Phobia/Gadget split, Haunted Hotel Records, 2010 Phobia/Extinction of Mankind split, Agipunk Records, 2010 Get Up and Kill, Deep Six Records, 2004 Grind Your Fucking Head In, Deep Six Records, 2003 CD 2: Serenity Through Pain, Deathvomit/Deep Six Records, 2001 Destroying the Masses, Pessimiser/Theologian Records, 1999 CD 3: Means of Existence, Slap-A-Ham Records, 1998 Return to Desolation, Relapse Records, 1993 CD 4: Phobia/Abaddon Incarnate split, self-released, 2011 Phobia/Suffering Mind split, Behind the Mountain Records, 2012 Phobia/Skrupel split, Crimes Against Humanity, 2006 Phobia/Resist & Exist split, Ohev/Profane Existence Records, 2002 Phobia/Corrupted split, Rhetoric Records, 1999 Phobia/Plutocracy split, Misanthropic Records, 1994 Enslaved, Slap-A-Ham Records, 1997 My Friends Our Grind, self-released, 2008 What Went Wrong demo, self-released, 1990 Founded in 1990 in Orange County, California by frontman Shane MacLachlan, Phobia has shared stages with punk, grind, and metal legends like Chaos UK, Napalm Death, Mayhem, Voivod, Deicide, and Neurosis. In MacLachlan's words, the band puts out a "grinding noise assault, based on the energy and ideals of hardcore punk and the power and brutality of early grind." Many members have come and gone; the current lineup consists of Shane MacLachlan, guitarist CC Grind, bassist Calum McKenzie, and drummer Bryan Fajardo (Gridlink, Noisear, Kill the Client). Based in LA, Melotov Records has made its name championing crucial young bands of today's underground metal and hardcore realms: ACxDC, Old Wounds, Tidemouth, Gatecreeper, and Outer Heaven, to name a few. Melotov boss Melanie Voltz calls Phobia's Decades of Blastphemy collection the label's "crowning achievement" to date – a chance to pay tribute to one of the godfathers of the scene who are still active to this day. With Melotov releasing Decades in the US, Selfmadegod Records will handle the European release.

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