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4/30/2018 ex-Forbidden, Nevermore guitarist Tim Calvert dies
12/13/2017 Nevermore, Sanctuary singer Warrel Dane dies
5/22/2013 Century Media Records signs Sanctuary
4/9/2013 Nuclear Blast Records signs Ashes of Ares
6/28/2012 Jeff Loomis working on new material
1/17/2012 Jeff Loomis reveals guest musicians for solo album
4/21/2011 Nevermore loses two members
4/11/2011 Nevermore cancels tour
12/3/2010 Sepultura, Keep Of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Hate tour
11/9/2010 Symphony X, Nevermore, Soilwork tour
6/1/2010 Nevermore, Warbringer, Mutiny Within tour
5/14/2010 Nevermore to shoot new video
4/1/2008 Nevermore guitarist recording solo album
1/11/2007 Steve Smyth (Nevermore) receives kidney transplant
3/15/2006 In Flames, Throwdown, Nevermore, etc. tour
10/26/2005 Century Media's Second Annual Xmas Balls
9/9/2005 Opeth tour schedule
5/20/2005 Gigantour dates announced
4/14/2005 Nevermore finish recording new album
4/6/2005 DEP, Nevermore to tour with Megadeth, etc.
1/19/2005 Nevermore set to record album
11/26/2004 Crash Music signs Pure Sweet Hell
9/22/2004 Walls Of Jericho set to shoot video
9/14/2004 Terror ready to shoot video
5/24/2004 Himsa prepares to film video
3/29/2004 Nevermore re-signs w/ Century Media Records
8/4/2003 Dimmu Borgir, Nevermore, etc. tour

News Tidbits
3/20/2012 Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore) has unveiled another new song via a playthrough video.
2/29/2012 A track from Jeff Loomis' (ex-Nevermore) upcoming solo release has made its online debut.

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