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11/29/2018 Nachtmystium streams exclusive new track
9/11/2017 Nachtmystium signs with Prophecy Productions
6/7/2017 Nachtmystium to release new album in September
3/13/2017 Nachtmystium prepare new EP, premiere demo track
3/13/2017 Louisville Deathfest 2017 lineup takes shape
1/20/2016 Girlfriend of Nachtmystium's Blake Judd dies
1/10/2016 Nachtmystium's Blake Judd resurfaces, says he's sober
9/5/2014 Century Media done with Blake Judd, Nachtmystium
8/25/2014 Nachtmystium's Blake Judd ripping off fans?
7/3/2014 Nachtmystium's final album due out in August
11/13/2013 Blake Judd disbands Nachtmystium
11/3/2013 Nachtmystium's Judd out of jail; band may be over
10/6/2013 Nachtmystium's Blake Judd arrested for theft
6/28/2013 Nachtmystium to begin recording new album
4/15/2013 Nachtmystium goes on hiatus
1/3/2013 Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) launched
10/16/2012 Nachtmystium postpones U.S. tour
9/14/2012 Nachtmystium, Jarboe, Weapon tour dates
7/31/2012 Twilight adds Thurston Moore, joins Century Media
4/6/2012 Nachtmystium to release limited edition 7"
3/6/2012 Nachtmystium tour dates
2/26/2012 Nachtmystium recording album; July release planned
2/13/2012 MetalSucks announces SXSW showcase
2/3/2012 Nachtmystium signs worldwide deal w/ Century Media
5/24/2011 Nachtmystium announces new bassist
5/4/2011 Nachtmystium news and notes
10/25/2010 Cradle Of Filth, Nachtmystium, Turisas tour
8/2/2010 Nachtmystium shoots new video
7/15/2010 Nachtmystium, Zoroaster tour
4/7/2010 Nachtmystium album set for release
2/5/2010 Nachtmystium, Psyke Project tour (Europe)
1/11/2010 Nachtmystium enters studio
11/24/2009 Kreator, Nachtmystium, Kataklysm, etc. tour
9/12/2009 Raise The Red Lantern album set for release
9/2/2009 Nachtmystium prepares new album
8/26/2009 Marduk, Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual tour
7/23/2009 The Gates Of Slumber completes new album
7/21/2009 Absu, Nachtmystium, etc. tour (Europe)
4/21/2009 Pentagram, Nachtmystium mini-tour
4/14/2009 Nachtmystium set to release new EP
3/16/2009 Nachtmystium singer breaks leg, tour cancelled
2/28/2009 Nachtmystium booted from Scion Rock Fest
2/13/2009 Seventh Rule Recs signs Lord Mantis
8/27/2008 Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room tour
4/8/2008 The Gates Of Slumber completes new album
1/5/2008 Genghis Tron, Nachtmystium, etc. tour (Europe)
8/4/2007 Nachtmystium, Skeletonwitch tour dates
7/6/2007 Skeletonwitch records new album
5/5/2007 Nachtmystium signs w/ Century Media
3/6/2007 Nachtmystium, Angel Corpse, Watain dates
11/27/2006 Nachtmystium and Zoroaster tour dates

News Tidbits
7/30/2014 Nachtmystium has debuted the first new song from their final album.
11/4/2013 Nachtmystium has premiered a new song.
4/16/2013 Reports of Nachtmystium's death have been greatly exaggerated.
7/27/2012 The new Nachtmystium album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
7/17/2012 Another new Nachtmystium song is available for streaming.
6/1/2012 Nachtmystium has debuted a song from their forthcoming album.
12/8/2011 Chrome Waves (ex-Nachtmystium, Atlas Moth, etc.) has posted a new song.
12/12/2008 Nachtmystium has uploaded a new song.
4/25/2008 Nachtmystium has posted another track from their upcoming album.
2/7/2008 Nachtmystium has posted a track from their upcoming Century Media release.
11/10/2007 Nachtmystium has posted a track from their upcoming split with Lurker of Chalice.

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