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Life Of Agony

2/12/2024 Life Of Agony bassist Alan Robert illustrated Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book
8/7/2023 Life Of Agony announce final 'River Runs Red' tour of the year with Sick Of It All
4/19/2023 Life Of Agony announce August 'River Runs Through' tour dates with Sick Of It All
1/26/2023 Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo get heated over social media post
12/22/2022 Life Of Agony announce additional North America dates
12/5/2022 Life Of Agony announce 'River Runs Red' 30th anniversary run
5/25/2022 Life Of Agony, All Hail The Yeti tour dates
11/18/2021 Life Of Agony, Dog Eat Dog tour dates
1/10/2020 Life Of Agony, Doyle tour announced
2/12/2019 Life Of Agony recording new album with Sylvia Massy
10/3/2018 Life Of Agony, Sick Of It All set for 'Two Sick Nights Of Agony'
3/19/2018 Life Of Agony announces U.S. tour dates
3/1/2018 Inkcarceration Music And Tattoo Festival 2018 announced
1/22/2018 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest 2018 takes shape
1/4/2017 Life Of Agony tour dates
12/30/2016 Life Of Agony to release new album in April
1/12/2016 Life Of Agony announces new album, record label
7/29/2015 East Coast Tsunami Fest 2015 lineup revealed
12/15/2014 Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape

News Tidbits
9/9/2019 new Life Of Agony track and video
2/14/2018 Life Of Agony has issued a new music video.
3/30/2017 Life Of Agony has debuted another new song.
3/2/2017 Life Of Agony's new video for "A Place Where There's No More Pain" has made its online debut.
2/3/2017 The first new Life of Agony song in 12 years has made its online debut.
10/13/2016 Life Of Agony has uploaded an audio preview of their first new album in a decade.

2/9/2023 Lambgoat Goes To FYA: Hardcore Lives in 2023

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