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Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo get heated over social media post

The two trans women appear to have differing views on what it means to be trans

MC and LJG

Mina Caputo (left) and Laura Jane Grace (right)

It's no secret that the transgender community has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years from just about every conceivable direction politically, socially, and otherwise. This includes people who are transgender themselves as is the case with Life of Agony's Mina Caputo who is herself a trans woman.

Early on Wednesday, January 25, she posted a photo on her personal Instagram of transmasculine people of various sizes and ethnicities posed in white underwear while bleeding freely from the genital area with the words "People Have Periods" above the models. With this, Caputo said the following in the caption:

This sort of gender critical rhetoric has come under fire from large numbers of the transgender community and its allies after being adopted and platformed by highly famous people like author JK Rowling for being transphobic on the basis of not recognizing trans individuals as the gender they identify with regardless of biological sex. Looking at other posts on Caputo's page, this seems to be a stance she is very passionate about. Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, another trans woman, pushed back against Caputo with her own comments, stating:

What followed, as implied by the numbers of replies, is an argument between Grace and Caputo along with other followers of Caputo's account. Here's the whole back-and-forth between the two artists starting with Caputo's reply to Grace's comments:

The rest of the comments are mostly between Caputo's followers and Grace. Clearly this is a very hot topic for many, not the least of which actual trans people, and no matter the reason it's unfortunate to see two fellow artists and friends verbally spar publicly like this. We hope they can reconcile and come to an understanding on their own terms.

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