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Life Of Agony bassist Alan Robert illustrated Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book

alan robert life of agony bass

Life Of Agony bassist and comic book illustrator/creator, Alan Robert has been revealed as the illustrator for Beetlejuice: The Official Coloring Book. The coloring book, which will be released this year (September 3rd) in tandem with the new Beetlejuice sequel coming out in September 6th, is over 60 pages worth of art created by Robert.

Robert shared the following:

The brilliance of Beetlejuice made a giant impact on me as a teenager, and I've seen it a gazillion times since then, including recently with my own teenage daughter. I know every line by heart. So to be able to bring the 'ghost with the most' alive for generations of colouring fans was a huge honour for me. I've included a ton of little details in there that diehard fans of the film will definitely appreciate!



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