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Impending Doom

2/20/2024 Throwdown, Hatebreed, Impending Doom, and more added to Big Texas Metal Fest
11/13/2023 Impending Doom release second single off of upcoming ep along with lyric visualizer
11/6/2023 Impending Doom release single ahead of new self-released EP
6/2/2022 Kentucky Irate Fest 2022 lineup takes shape
2/8/2022 AURA Fest 2022 lineup announced
1/18/2022 Summit Fest 2022 lineup announced
1/18/2022 Impending Doom premiere video for 'Culture of Death'
10/29/2021 Impending Doom surprise release new EP 'Hellbent'
10/15/2021 Impending Doom premiere first song and video 'Satanic Panic' from New EP
10/10/2021 Impending Doom to release new EP 'Hellbent' in January
9/13/2021 Impending Doom vocalist tests positive for Covid, performance canceled
3/21/2021 Impending Doom finish recording new EP
9/12/2020 Impending Doom finishing up new EP
6/17/2020 Impending Doom set to record new EP
6/10/2019 Kohlfest 2019 lineup announced
1/27/2019 Texas Independence Fest 2019 announced
6/11/2018 iMatter Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
5/14/2018 Impending Doom premiere new song and video
4/28/2018 Radiation Fest 2018 announced
4/2/2018 Impending Doom announce new album, stream song
3/26/2018 Impending Doom to release new album in June
7/31/2017 Texas Revolution Fest 2017 announced
7/16/2017 Don't Mess With Texas Fest 2017 announced
7/14/2017 Impending Doom finishing up new album
4/24/2017 AudioFeed 2017 festival lineup announced
2/12/2017 Impending Doom recording new album
1/24/2017 Facedown Fest 2017 announced
10/29/2016 Impending Doom prepares new album
2/4/2016 Facedown Fest 2016 announced
7/23/2015 Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
10/28/2013 Winds of Plague, Impending Doom, etc. tour dates
9/26/2013 Impending Doom album set for release
5/23/2013 Scream The Prayer 2013 lineup revealed
5/16/2013 Impending Doom recording new album
5/15/2013 Impending Doom, The Great Commission tour dates
5/11/2013 Pennsylvania Deathbed Festival announced
1/9/2013 Thick As Blood drops off Impending Doom tour
11/14/2012 Impending Doom, Thick As Blood, The Browning tour
8/24/2012 For Today, Impending Doom, Texas In July tour
5/29/2012 Impending Doom, Within The Ruins, etc. tour dates
5/8/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 tour dates
5/6/2012 Impending Doom tour (Australia)
4/18/2012 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 lineup takes shape
1/9/2012 Impending Doom completes new album
12/19/2011 Winter Jamboree (TX) details
12/15/2011 Impending Doom, Molotov Solution, Volumes dates
12/14/2011 Metal Alliance Tour 2012 dates announced
12/9/2011 Devildriver, Faceless, Dying Fetus, JFAC tour
8/17/2011 Chimaira, Impending Doom, Revocation tour
8/3/2011 Impending Doom recording new album
4/26/2011 Impending Doom, Mychildren Mybride, etc. tour
3/18/2011 Century Media Records signs The Devastated
3/16/2011 Impending Doom signs with eOne Music
10/13/2010 Chimaira, Impending Doom, Daath tour dates
8/15/2010 Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Oceano tour
2/2/2010 Impending Doom loses two members
1/18/2010 Impending Doom set to enter studio
10/8/2009 Impending Doom, Oh Sleeper, Showdown tour
7/23/2009 Impending Doom tour dates (Mexico)
5/28/2009 Impending Doom, Trigger The Bloodshed tour (EUR)
4/27/2009 Impending Doom cancels Mexican tour
4/21/2009 Carnifex, Impending Doom, etc. tour
4/6/2009 Impending Doom tour dates (Mexico)
11/13/2008 Impending Doom set to record new album
6/22/2008 Impending Doom, Mychildren Mybride mini-tour
4/5/2008 Scream The Prayer Tour announced
1/20/2007 Facedown Records signs Impending Doom

News Tidbits
7/20/2019 you may or may not have been stoked when this deathcore album came out 10 years ago today
3/31/2019 This deathcore album was released 10 years ago today. Some of you are stoked. Some of you aren't.
6/28/2018 Impending Doom has issued a new music video.
6/11/2018 Impending Doom is streaming a new song.
10/31/2013 Impending Doom has debuted their music video for "Doomsday."
10/25/2013 Impending Doom has debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
10/18/2013 Impending Doom has uploaded a full album preview of their next full-length.
10/3/2013 Impending Doom has premiered the first new song from their new album.
9/19/2013 Impending Doom has posted a brief audio teaser for their next album.
7/17/2013 A new Leaders song featuring Brook Reeves of Impending Doom can be heard online.
6/26/2012 Impending Doom has debuted their new video for "Deceiver."
3/8/2012 Impending Doom has unveiled their new video for "Murderer."
1/17/2012 A track from Impending Doom's upcoming album has made its online debut.
1/4/2012 Seven more bands have been announced for Warped Tour 2012.
8/30/2010 Impending Doom has premiered the video for the title track of their latest release.
7/29/2010 The new Impending Doom album, "There Will Be Violence," has debuted at #134 on the Billboard 200.
6/7/2010 Impending Doom has unveiled a track from their next full-length.
3/5/2010 Mixing for Impending Doom's new full-length began today.
4/30/2009 Impending Doom's new video for "More Than Conquerors" can be seen here.
4/8/2009 Impending Doom's new album "The Serpent Servant" sold 4,200 copies in its first week, debuting at #144 on the Billboard 200.
3/24/2009 Impending Doom has posted another song from their new full-length.
2/13/2009 Impending Doom has uploaded another track from their upcoming full-length.
1/22/2009 Impending Doom has debuted the title track from their forthcoming album.
12/17/2008 Impending Doom has uploaded a new "in the studio" video.
10/17/2007 Impending Doom's new video for "Silence The Oppressors" is now online.

10/24/2013 Impending Doom "Ravenous Disease" song premiere

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