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Don't Mess With Texas Fest 2017 announced

Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:37 AM PT / 13,953 views

Details have been announced for Don't Mess With Texas Fest 2017, scheduled to take place on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11 at Sofie's 'SS' Saloon in McAllen, TX. Early bird tickets are $35 per day, or $50 for a two-day pass. The current lineup is as follows: Friday, November 10 Cold As Life Drowning Hoods Cold Shoulder Albert The Cannibal Decayer Arms Reach 3 Ninjas Domination Ruse Bodysnatcher Souls Downswing Purity Fox Hound Guerrilla Warfare Degrader Misgiver Breaking Wheel War Prayer Minor Morals Boundaries Self Inflicted Insvrgence Ground Vctms Beshiba Gutcheck Wicked World Encrypted Misery Noise Backswing Short Leash Lowpoints Forced Life Reinforce Worst Behavior Archangel Saturday, November 11 Impending Doom World Of Pain Severance Anialator Mercy Blow Bloodline Rhythm Of Ear Detriment Charcoal Tongue Turncoat These Streets Life Barrier Society Sucker Somewhere To Call Home Nomadic Smoke Signals RVNT Earth Groans Lifelink Hive Mind Disclaimer Deadland Smile On The Sinner Shame Sledge Exciser Gold Route Fatebringer Hounds Edorra Divided Life Distinctions Fortunes Fool No Convictions Bottomfeeders Overt Enemy Mask Of Morana Sustain Dythalla Glare Bloodlines

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