Glenn Danzig news


2/8/2016Here is a new clip of Glenn Danzig on this week's episode of Portlandia.
12/16/2015Here's Danzig in a trailer for the new season of 'Portlandia'.
11/1/2015These are the movies that scare Glenn Danzig.
10/10/2015Here's a photo of Ghost's unmasked frontman with Phil Anselmo, Glenn Danzig, and others.
10/11/2013This week Glenn Danzig asked fans to punch an audience member who was videotaping his show.
7/6/2004Watch the Glenn Danzig video here, and talk about it here.


2/8/2021Glenn Danzig releases trailer for new horror western film
9/19/2019Glenn Danzig says 'no more Misfits shows' after NYC concert
1/29/2018Misfits announce New Jersey concert
1/8/2018Danzig to perform special 30th anniversary shows
12/14/2017Misfits ban cellphone use at reunion shows
8/21/2017Misfits announce new reunion show
3/27/2017Blackest Of The Black festival lineup announced
3/20/2017Danzig announces new album 'Black Laden Crown'
9/5/2016Video: Misfits reunite for first time in 33 years
10/21/2015Police investigating alleged Danzig assault
10/19/2015Danzig and security allegedly beat up fan for taking photo
10/14/2015Danzig signs deal with Nuclear Blast Records
10/12/2015Danzig to release new album in November
7/16/2015Danzig puts man in headlock for taking photos
3/18/2015Danzig recording new album
10/24/2014Danzig: new album due in fall 2015
8/18/2014Glenn Danzig recording Elvis Presley covers EP
8/12/2014Glenn Danzig's Misfits trademark lawsuit dismissed
7/17/2014Samhain, Goatwhore tour dates
5/25/2012Glenn Danzig calls North Side Kings punch a setup
7/4/2004North Side Kings and Glenn Danzig encounter