Down To Nothing news


9/18/2013Down To Nothing has debuted their new video for "Life On The James."
8/28/2013Down To Nothing has debuted another new song with its accompanying video.
8/12/2013Down To Nothing has premiered the first new track from their upcoming album.
2/1/2010Down To Nothing has uploaded a track from their new 7 inch release.
1/28/2010A Down To Nothing video featuring new material from the band can be seen here.
12/23/2009Down To Nothing will release a new six-song EP in spring 2010.
4/23/2008Down To Nothing has posted a new song.
9/21/2007Down To Nothing has replaced Sinking Ships on the upcoming Sick Of It All and Madball tour.
5/18/2007Another new Down To Nothing track is now available.
5/8/2007Down To Nothing has posted a track from their upcoming Revelation Records release.
6/10/2006A track from Down To Nothing's upcoming Revelation Records release is now online.
12/14/2005Down To Nothing will be touring Europe in April/May 2006.
5/22/2005A track from Down To Nothing's upcoming album (Thorp Records) has been posted.


7/11/2017No Warning, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues tour announced
6/26/2017Terror replaces bassist
7/28/2016Down To Nothing drummer also an ER doctor
3/28/2016This Is Hardcore 2016 lineup announced
1/31/2016Sound and Fury Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
1/22/2016Bane announces final tour dates, support acts
1/19/2015United Blood Fest 2015 lineup announced
1/16/2014Rain Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
10/11/2013FYA Fest lineup announced
7/2/2013Down To Nothing announces new album
11/18/2012REV 25 Chicago featuring Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter
10/24/2012Down To Nothing recording new album
11/4/2011Baltimore Mass Movement free show announced
10/28/2011Diamond (Trapped Under Ice) set to release EP
7/20/2009Bane, Down To Nothing tour dates (Europe)
12/11/2008Down To Nothing tour dates
2/13/2008Down To Nothing, Sinking Ships tour (Japan)
11/30/2007Have Heart, Down To Nothing tour dates
10/1/2007Down To Nothing, No Turning Back dates
6/19/2007Down To Nothing, Verse, Allegiance tour
6/4/2007Down To Nothing tour (Australia)
3/6/2007Down To Nothing, Internal Affairs dates (Europe)
6/16/2006Down To Nothing and Sinking Ships tour
3/2/2006Down To Nothing tour (Europe)
2/27/2006Down To Nothing and Bracewar dates
1/17/2006Down To Nothing tour dates
12/28/2005Down To Nothing sign w/ Revelation Records
10/24/2005Down To Nothing UK tour
5/30/2005Down To Nothing tour (Europe)
3/9/2005Down To Nothing tour dates
6/30/2002Down To Nothing set to release 7"