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10/25/2022 Diecast vocalist Paul Stoddard has passed away.
2/10/2014 Diecast set to finish up new album
3/9/2012 Diecast tour dates
11/9/2008 Diecast and Century Media part ways
10/17/2007 Diecast, Ekotren tour
9/25/2007 Diecast seeks new bassist
2/11/2007 Diecast shoots new video
1/30/2007 Diecast, Sevendust, Invitro tour
1/6/2007 All That Remains joined by ex-Diecast drummer
9/7/2006 Diecast completes new video
7/27/2006 Diecast album details
5/16/2006 Diecast prepares new album
11/11/2005 Diecast lose drummer, drop off tour
10/25/2005 Diecast, Bleed The Sky, etc. tour
8/11/2005 Diecast, 3 Inches Of Blood, If Hope Dies
3/1/2005 Napalm Death, MPB, Diecast tour (Europe)
12/18/2004 Diecast prepare to shoot video
12/8/2004 Diecast, Hoods, Winter Solstice tour tour
11/9/2004 Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, etc. tour
10/14/2004 Diecast, 12 Tribes, E-Town Concrete tour
9/29/2004 Diecast tour dates
9/16/2004 Diecast recruiting fans for video shoot
3/6/2004 Diecast finishes recording new LP
12/3/2003 Diecast set to record new album
3/6/2003 Diecast loses vocalist, seeks replacement
12/1/2002 Diecast members forming side-project
8/5/2002 Bloodlet and Diecast tour not happening
8/4/2002 Bloodlet tour plans announced
5/9/2002 Candiria and Unearth tour schedule
3/28/2002 Dates added for Chimaira & Diecast tour
3/13/2002 Chimaira and Diecast tour taking shape
2/12/2002 Diecast, From Autumn To Ashes & Unearth tour
1/19/2002 Diecast added to Slayer tour
5/15/2001 Diecast to tour U.S. this summer
2/5/2001 Diecast & Shutdown tour dates
1/31/2001 Diecast CD release mini-tour
1/25/2001 Diecast set album release date
12/4/2000 Diecast, All Out War, etc. tour
10/20/2000 Event w/ Nora, Diecast, & more

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