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Event w/ Nora, Diecast, & more

We just wanted to tell you about a cool musical event scheduled to go down on Friday October 27th and Saturday October 28th in Ontario, Canada. Rocktober Fest will feature performances from over 20 bands including Nora, Buried Alive, and Diecast and will be held at the Pineroom in Oakville. The event is being sponsored by Goodfellow Records, Redstar Records, and The Takeover Group. Most of the profits will go to providing shelter and clothing for the homeless. Here's the lineup: Friday Lineup (Starts @ 4pm)
  • Upended
  • Rise Over Run
  • Soul Phoenix (Re-define Rec.)
  • Problem Solver Revolver (Erie)
  • Funerary (Ex-everyone)
  • Kid Gorgeous (Buffalo)
  • Dead To The World (Redstar)
  • Blood Has Been Shed (Ferret)
  • Midtown (Drive Thru All Stars)
  • Godbelow (Syracuse)
  • Buried Alive (Victory Records) Sat. Lineup (Starts @ 2pm)
  • Gone Till August
  • In Dying Days (Re-define Rec.)
  • Purity's Failure
  • A Death For Every Sin (Montreal)
  • Jerk Circus (Re-define)
  • Chore (Sonic Unyon)
  • Supersleuth
  • Groundzero (Triple Crown Rec.)
  • Darker Day Tomorrow (Redstar)
  • Unearth (Eulogy Rec.)
  • Exnumberfive
  • Diecast
  • Death Threat (Triple Crown)
  • Nora (Trustkill)
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