Death news


8/31/2020this metal juggernaut was released 22 years ago today
12/13/2017Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner died 16 years ago today. This is my favorite Death album.
3/15/2017Gruesome is streaming their cover of the Death track "Choke On It."
11/23/2014Carcass and Goatwhore music was featured in a scene from CBS show 'Elementary' this past week.
5/8/2014Cynic and ex-Death members Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert are officially out of the closet.
11/21/2012The new Death 'Spiritual Healing' deluxe reissue can be streamed in its entirety.
10/25/201211 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time
10/24/2011The deluxe re-issue of Death's Individual Thought Patterns album can currently be streamed here.
9/15/2011A remixed, re-mastered version of Death's "The Philosopher" can be heard online here (Facebook 'Like' requ
7/6/2011The new reissue of Death's "Human" album can be streamed here.
6/25/2010A never-before-seen video clip of Death making their first-ever music video can be seen here.
7/1/2004Congrats to Richard Christy (ex-Iced Earth, ex-Death) for getting the gig on Howard Stern.


9/7/2020Metal 'supergroup' Act Of Denial working on debut album
1/25/2020ex-Cynic, Death drummer Sean Reinert dies
5/31/2018ex-Deicide, Obituary guitarist in coma after heart attack
2/14/2017Gruesome announce new EP, premiere song
11/16/2015Death DTA, Obscura announce European tour
3/25/2015ex-Death bassist Scott Clendenin dies
11/18/2014Death DTA tour: Gene Hoglan replaces Sean Reinert
8/5/2014Death (DTA Tours), Obituary, Massacre tour
3/20/2014Death: Leprosy to see deluxe remastered reissue
2/1/2014Massacre to release first studio album in 18 years
8/23/2013Death To All tour (Europe)
2/26/2013Death To All Tour 2013 announced
1/30/2013Azure Emote: 'supergroup' completes new album
1/19/2013Death To All Tour 2013 confirmed
10/13/2012Death: Spirital Healing deluxe reissue announced
9/12/2012Death manager rips Death To All Tour organizers
6/26/2012Exhumed frontman added to Death To All Tour
6/18/2012Death To All Tour postpones Atlanta, Dallas shows
5/10/2012Mantas demo collection to see release
4/2/2012Death To All Tour 2012 adds Atheist, more shows
3/22/2012Death To All Tour 2012 recruits Obscura vocalist
3/20/2012Death To All Tour announces first vocalist
3/15/2012Death To All Tour to feature former Death members
12/1/2011Death: 'Vivus!' live collection set for release
11/15/2011James Murphy reveals brain tumor relapse
8/31/2011Death 'Individual Thought Patterns' re-issue info
5/8/2011Death re-issue set for release
12/13/2010Death: The Sound Of Perseverance re-issue details
5/10/2010Relapse to reissue Chuck Schuldiner material