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Death To All Tour announces first vocalist

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:52 PM PT / 4,004 views
Official press release: We are very excited to announce Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and Bereft as the first vocalist for the Death To All Tour 2012. Charles is an amazing singer, as well as guitarist, and we feel he will do these songs justice. Here is the official statement about the tour from Charles:
"Who the hell is Charles Elliott?' is what I imagine some people saying as they're reading this announcement. It's true - compared to some of the legends associated with these amazing shows, I'm the new kid on the block. Even when they asked me to do it I was somewhat reluctant and suggested numerous other artists who I thought sounded more like Chuck and have been around longer, i.e. John Tardy, Martin Van Drunen, Luc Lemay, etc. In the end, I think they chose me to perform some of these songs because I'm a huge Death fan and because, more than anything, they felt I'm part of a newer generation embodying the overall spirit of Chuck. I'm glad they asked me though because playing with these guys is more than a dream come true and I couldn't be more excited about it. "Let me just say that I don't pretend to be Chuck Schuldiner. I don't sound exactly like him and I'm not trying to, even if he is an influence of mine. Chuck was a unique individual, as am I. What I am trying to do though is humbly pay tribute to a man and band that changed my life, while supporting his family and a charity I believe in. I know some people will inevitably talk shit no matter what, but now at least I've said my piece. "My first band Inhuman Visions opened up for Death back in 1998 at what would become the infamous 'Live in L.A.' show. I was just a kid and I think if you listen closely at the very end of the show, you can hear me screaming 'thank you Death' on the DVD. That statement is as true as it was in that life changing moment as it is now. Thank you Chuck Schuldiner for a legacy of metal that left a lasting impression on me. I hope to do you justice, as the fans and musicians you touched all gather to pay tribute to you and your music. Let the metal flow."

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