Darkest Hour news


2/1/2018Darkest Hour has issued a new music video.
6/23/2017Darkest Hour has uploaded their mini-documentary, "Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and A Half."
3/6/2017The new Darkest Hour album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/13/2017Darkest Hour has debuted a new song.
1/6/2017Darkest Hour has premiered a new song.
12/16/2016Darkest Hour has premiered the first new song from their upcoming album.
7/8/2015Darkest Hour songs were used to attract sharks on a Shark Week special last night. Cool, huh?
8/14/2014Darkest Hour has scored their highest ever Billboard debut with their new album.
8/1/2014Darkest Hour's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/17/2014Darkest Hour is streaming another new song.
7/15/2014A live video for Darkest Hour's new song "Rapture In Exile" is now online.
7/1/2014A new Darkest Hour track can now be streamed online.
5/7/2014Large new earnings and attendance report out. See the winners (Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, etc.) and the losers (We Butter The Bread With Butter).
4/23/2014A tale of two tours: Volbeat and Trivium VS. All That Remains and Darkest Hour.
4/9/2014Florence and the Machine tribute tracks from Darkest Hour, Ben Bruce, and Miss Fortune are now online.
2/11/2014Darkest Hour's guitarist has shared his hefty royalty check with the world. Behold.
3/9/2012A new Beasts of No Nation (Darkest Hour, etc.) song is now online.
2/6/2012A Cancerous Affair, featuring ex-members of Darkest Hour and Winds of Plague, has uploaded an "introduction video."
1/31/2012Darkest Hour, Comeback Kid, Hot Water Music and others will team up for a special SXSW showcase.
10/24/2011Darkest Hour has debuted their new video for "Your Every Day Disaster."
8/12/2011Darkest Hour's video for "Love As A Weapon" is now online.
3/2/2011Darkest Hour's new album, "The Human Romance," sold roughly 3,600 copies in its first week, debuting at #185 on the Billboard 200.
2/16/2011Darkest Hour has premiered their new The new Darkest Hour album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
2/14/2011Darkest Hour has posted another new track (Facebook 'Like' required).
2/1/2011Another new Darkest Hour track is now online.
1/13/2011Darkest Hour had debuted a track from their new album.
1/8/2011Some "behind the scenes" footage of Darkest Hour working on their new album can be found here.
10/4/2010Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish has a solo ambient/noise project called Years, from whom a double a
7/1/2009Darkest Hour's new album, "The Eternal Return," has debuted at #104 on the Billboard 200 with roughly 4,700 copies sold in its first week.
6/20/2009Darkest Hour's new full-length can currently be streamed in its entirety.
6/5/2009Another track from Darkest Hour's new album has surfaced.
5/26/2009Darkest Hour's new track, "No God," can be heard here.
12/14/2008Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum composed some of the music on tonight's "Will You Kill For Me: Charles Manson and His Followers," airing at 9pm EST on MSNBC.
8/5/2008The very first installment of Washburn TV is online. This one features Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum.
6/14/2008Darkest Hour has issued a "Behind the Scenes" webisode highlighting their recent tour of Mexico.
5/6/2008Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum now has his own advice column. This guy knows things.
4/6/2008Darkest Hour has issued a "Washington Caps Fight Song" in honor of the Capitals' win and entrance into the Stanley Cup playo
7/19/2007Darkest Hour sold 6,700 copies of their new album, "Deliver Us," in its debut week.
6/22/2007Darkest Hour has posted another song from their new album.
6/21/2007Darkest Hour's video for "Demon(s)" is now online.
6/5/2007Darkest Hour has posted a track from their upcoming album, "Deliver Us."
4/19/2007The final Darkest Hour studio webisode has been posted.
4/3/2007The latest Darkest Hour webisode has been posted.
3/26/2007Darkest Hour's third studio webisode is now online.
3/21/2007Another webisode from Darkest Hour's album recording experience is online.
3/7/2007Darkest Hour in-the-studio "Webisode 1" is now online here.
12/27/2006We recently reported on the medical problems of Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris. Help the guy out and
5/22/2006A few clips from Kris Norris' (Darkest Hour) instructional guitar DVDs are now online.
5/27/2005Victory Records has posted a preview of the new Darkest Hour album.
5/21/2005The new album from Locus Factor (side-project of Darkest Hour's Kris Norris) is available online for a limi
3/27/2005Darkest Hour are currently in Vancouver mixing their new album, which will hit stores on June 28th.
2/2/2005Darkest Hour will be touring Europe from mid-July through August.
2/1/2005The website for the instructional guitar DVD by Darkest Hour's Kris Norris has been launched here.
5/15/2004As rumored, Darkest Hour has now been confirmed for this summer's Ozzfest.


1/19/2021Darkest Hour announce 'Live in Lockdown' release
12/7/2020Terminal Bliss sign with Relapse Records, debut new songs
10/12/2020Darkest Hour, Misery Signals cancel tour, announce virtual show
8/7/2020Darkest Hour announce livestream event to benefit venue
3/16/2020Misery Signals, Darkest Hour tour postponed
1/31/2020Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, Sect tour dates
10/14/2019Unearth, Darkest Hour tour dates
9/16/2019Darkest Hour, Fallujah, Bloodlet to tour Europe/UK
8/22/2019Bane, Darkest Hour, Battery members launch new band Be Well
7/7/2019ex-Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris recovering from heart attack
4/25/2019Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour members launch Zealot RIP
2/1/2019The Agony Scene drop off tour with Unearth, Darkest Hour
12/12/2018Unearth, Darkest Hour, The Agony Scene tour dates
11/9/2018Unearth, Darkest Hour, Misery Signals to tour Europe
9/24/2018Darkest Hour, Xibalba added to The Power Of The Riff
8/31/2018Darkest Hour, Damnation AD, Cemetery Piss mini-tour
7/24/2018Suicide Silence guitarist taking break from band
1/25/2018Havok, Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage to tour Europe
12/8/2017Darkest Hour, Whores, Extinction AD tour dates
10/10/2017AURA Fest 2018 lineup announced
9/14/2017Darkest Hour, Warbringer, Exmortus tour dates
4/26/2017Darkest Hour, Havok, Jesus Piece tour dates
4/26/2017Darkest Hour frontman calls out Victory Records
3/28/2017Darkest Hour to release limited EP for Record Store Day
12/13/2016Darkest Hour, Ringworm, Rotten Sound, Tombs tour
12/13/2016Darkest Hour announces new album
11/11/2016Joey Jordison assailed by ex-bandmate Kris Norris
9/13/2016Darkest Hour begins recording new album
8/24/2016Gwar, Darkest Hour, Mutoid Man mini-tour
5/10/2016Darkest Hour to record new album with Kurt Ballou
2/10/2016Darkest Hour crowdfunding $50,000 for new album
9/1/2015Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall, Light This City tour dates
7/23/2015Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
4/8/2015Darkest Hour tour dates (Europe)
4/1/2015Darkest Hour, Dead To Fall tour dates
8/26/2014Unearth announces new album, tour dates
8/14/2014Machine Head, Devil You Know tour (UK)
8/11/2014Darkest Hour guitarist's music on Shark Week show
6/26/2014Darkest Hour to release new album in August
3/31/2014Mayhem Festival 2014 lineup revealed
3/22/2014Vapor Fest 4 lineup announced
3/6/20142014 Mayhem Festival lineup leaks?
3/4/2014All That Remains, Darkest Hour, Wilson tour dates
8/17/2013Darkest Hour recording new album
6/21/2013Slipknot drummer launches new band Scar The Martyr
6/14/2013Darkest Hour signs with Sumerian Records
5/16/2013As I Lay Dying cancels KsE tour; two bands added
4/16/2013Darkest Hour announces new drummer
2/26/2013Ex-Darkest Hour members seek money for new album
11/19/2012Iron Reagan records new album
6/23/2012Kris Norris (ex-Darkest Hour) set to record album
6/6/2012Darkest Hour replaces departed bassist
3/13/2012A Cancerous Affair set to demo new material
3/4/2012Darkest Hour tour dates (Japan)
2/13/2012MetalSucks announces SXSW showcase
1/17/2012Iron Reagan (Municpal Waste, etc.) releases demo
12/22/2011Darkest Hour and drummer part ways
7/22/2011Darkest Hour issue instrumental version of album
6/22/2011Machine Head, BMTH, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
6/13/2011Darkest Hour shoots new video
4/14/2011Darkest Hour to miss New England Metal Fest
1/26/2011Darkest Hour shoots new video
1/17/2011Atticus Metal Tour dates announced
1/9/2011Atticus Metal Tour III line-up revealed
10/26/2010Darkest Hour, Carnifex tour (Australia)
10/18/2010Darkest Hour, Born Of Osiris tour (Europe)
9/9/2010Darkest Hour, Veil Of Maya, Periphery dates
9/5/2010Darkest Hour, Veil Of Maya, Periphery tour
8/2/2010Darkest Hour set to enter studio
7/21/2010Darkest Hour guitarist launches new band
4/12/2010Darkest Hour signs with E1 Music
1/27/2010DEP, Darkest Hour, Iwrestledabearonce tour
10/23/2009Darkest Hour shoots new video
9/28/2009Kataklysm, Belphegor, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
7/28/2009Trivium, Darkest Hour, Whitechapel tour
4/14/2009Darkest Hour completes new album
3/10/2009Darkest Hour enters studio
1/21/2009Bleeding Through, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
1/9/2009Darkest Hour tour dates
11/12/2008Kris Norris Projekt debut set for release
11/7/2008Darkest Hour update
9/15/2008Darkest Hour replaces guitarist
8/18/2008Darkest Hour mini-tour (Alaska)
6/27/2008"Ask the Dude" (Darkest Hour) going on the road
5/21/2008Thrash & Burn Tour announced
3/24/2008Darkest Hour tour dates (South America, etc.)
3/7/2008At The Gates, Darkest Hour, Municipal Waste tour
2/27/2008Darkest Hour drops off remainder of tour
1/16/2008Darkest Hour to film show for DVD
12/30/2007Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage, Emmure tour
12/4/2007Darkest Hour guitarist forms new band
10/17/2007Darkest Hour tour (UK)
7/27/2007Unearth, Darkest Hour, August Burns Red tour
6/24/2007As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
4/30/2007Darkest Hour uploads former band's album
3/5/2007Darkest Hour, Job For A Cowboy mini-tour
11/30/2006Darkest Hour guitarist details health crisis
11/18/2006Darkest Hour to enter studio in February
11/9/2006Darkest Hour drops off tour
9/7/2006Darkest Hour, BTBAM, Misery Signals tour (UK)
8/30/2006Darkest Hour set to re-issue early recordings
7/5/2006Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, FASSW, etc. tour
6/20/2006Soilwork, Darkest Hour, Mnemic, etc. tour
3/29/2006Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage, etc. tour (Europe)
3/5/2006Darkest Hour dates (Mexico)
1/15/2006Kris Norris (Darkest Hour) DVD 2 release
1/7/2006Victory Recs to re-issue Darkest Hour debut
11/29/2005Darkest Hour, Himsa, ALOL, etc. tour
5/30/2005Darkest Hour, Reflux, Beecher tour (Europe)
5/17/2005Darkest Hour set to shoot video
3/29/2005Darkest Hour title new album
1/6/2005Darkest Hour prepare to record album
10/31/2004Darkest Hour finishing up DVD
10/31/2004Darkest Hour, BTBAM, etc. tour
9/23/2004Darkest Hour, BTBAM, etc. tour dates
9/9/2004Darkest Hour news and notes
6/1/2004Victory Recs to reissue Darkest Hour album w/ DVD
2/10/2004Darkest Hour preparing new video
12/24/2003Thrice, Poison The Well, Darkest Hour tour
12/24/2003Darkest Hour news and notes
8/1/2003Darkest Hour update
7/11/2003Darkest Hour, The Great Deceiver touring Europe
5/6/2003Darkest Hour, CUAD, Taken, etc. tour
4/3/2003Darkest Hour tour schedule
2/24/2003Darkest Hour completes new album
10/30/2002Darkest Hour solidifies studio plans
10/9/2002Darkest Hour news and notes
5/10/2002Darkest Hour tour and new album update
3/7/2002Darkest Hour done touring U.S. for the year
2/12/2002The Crown and Darkest Hour tour schedule
2/8/2002The Crown & Darkest Hour to tour North America
1/14/2002Darkest Hour loses guitar player
7/31/2001Zao & Darkest Hour tour schedule
4/19/2001Drowningman & Darkest Hour dates
3/13/2001Darkest Hour set title for new LP