Burnt By The Sun news


4/7/2018This 2002 record will still steamroll your ass.
8/26/2009Burnt By The Sun's only scheduled U.S. show will take place on October 2nd at the Cake Shop in New York City.
8/13/2009Burnt By The Sun's new full-length is now available for streaming.
7/24/2009Another new Burnt By The Sun song is now online.
6/29/2009Burnt By The Sun has uploaded another track from their upcoming full-length.
4/1/2009More footage of Burnt By The Sun in the studio has been posted.
12/22/2008Burnt By The Sun will begin tracking their new album with Eric Rachel on January 31st.
11/14/2007Burnt By The Sun has posted a brief teaser for their final album.
9/27/2007Burnt By The Sun has been confirmed for the Saints & Sinners Festival in November.
8/3/2007Burnt By The Sun have posted their new song, "Goliath."
8/3/2006Burnt By The Sun will be recording a new song in September.
2/23/2006Burnt By The Sun have cancelled their appearance at Maryland Deathfest due to scheduling conflicts.
9/30/2005Burnt By The Sun have reportedly parted ways with drummer Brandon Thomas.
10/3/2004Burnt By The Sun will be accepting submissions from prospective vocalists in November. Stay tuned.


5/2/2017River Black (Burnt By The Sun) announces two shows
4/12/2017River Black announce new album, premiere song
10/19/2016River Black (Burnt By The Sun) completes debut album
2/25/2016Burnt By The Sun members reunite in River Black
6/1/2011Burnt By The Sun announces final show
6/29/2009Burnt By The Sun tour (Europe)
2/3/2009Burnt By The Sun recording new album
11/20/2008Burnt By The Sun update
9/22/2006Burnt By The Sun records new material
11/23/2005Burnt By The Sun to reunite for final album
10/2/2005Burnt By The Sun lose drummer
7/29/2005Burnt By The Sun complete new line-up
3/14/2005Burnt By The Sun seeking vocalist
2/1/2005Burnt By The Sun schedule shows (Iceland)
9/23/2004Burnt By The Sun to carry on
9/13/2004Burnt By The Sun loses singer, drummer
7/4/2004Burnt By The Sun, Premonitions Of War tour
5/8/2004Burnt By The Sun and Unearth dates
1/28/2004Burnt By The Sun news and notes
7/23/2003Burnt By The Sun update
5/19/2003Burnt By The Sun finishes recording album
5/2/2003Burnt By The Sun update
1/27/2003Burnt By The Sun lines up shows
1/6/2003Burnt By The Sun news and notes
12/22/2002Burnt By The Sun show schedule
7/17/2002Burnt By The Sun news and notes
5/17/2002Burnt By The Sun looking for guitarist
3/31/2002Burnt By The Sun to release EP of covers
3/22/2002Candiria & Burnt By The Sun tour schedule
3/10/2002Burnt By The Sun to tour with Candiria
1/29/2002The latest Burnt By The Sun show schedule
10/29/2001Burnt By The Sun finishes album
3/6/2001Martyr AD and Burnt By The Sun spring tour
12/26/2000Burnt By The Sun news & notes