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4/28/2020 ex-He Is Legend, Bloodjinn guitarist Mckenzie Bell dies
2/4/2020 Furnace Fest 2020 adds 12 more bands
8/9/2010 Tribunal Records signs Vanisher
4/28/2010 Zero System changes name, readies new album
1/3/2010 Zero System (Bloodjinn) set to release free EP
12/1/2008 Zero System recruits Glass Casket singer
11/30/2008 Bloodjinn set to record new album
2/15/2008 Bloodjinn, A Stained Glass Romance dates
11/13/2007 Bloodjinn writing new album
11/8/2007 Killwhitneydead, Bloodjinn tour dates
9/27/2007 Bloodjinn, The Classic Struggle, etc. tour
7/9/2007 With Blood Comes Cleansing, Bloodjinn, etc. tour
4/19/2007 Threat Signal, Bloodjinn, Year Of Desolation tour
3/31/2007 Twelve Gauge Valentine, Bloodjinn, etc. tour
11/16/2006 Bloodjinn recruits ex-He Is Legend guitarist
9/21/2006 Bloodjinn signs w/ Pluto Records
3/1/2006 Bloodjinn prepare to demo new tracks
8/12/2005 Swarm Of The Lotus and Bloodjinn tour
6/1/2005 Bloodjinn, The Absence, etc. dates
3/16/2005 Bloodjinn recording new demo
3/14/2005 Bloodjinn, The Hostage Heart, etc. tour
10/28/2004 Bloodjinn and The Red Death tour
8/29/2004 Bloodjinn, Society's Finest, etc. tour
8/18/2004 Bloodjinn booking tour
7/18/2004 Bloodjinn set to shoot video
5/19/2004 Bloodjinn and He Is Legend mini-tour
5/4/2004 Bloodjinn finds new drummer
2/12/2004 Bloodjinn loses drummer
10/1/2003 Self Portrait welcomes new drummer
3/16/2003 Bloodjinn, This Runs Through tour dates
3/11/2003 Bloodjinn bassist starts vinyl-only label
3/3/2003 Bloodjinn working on new album
12/8/2002 Bloodjinn news and notes
11/9/2002 Bloodjinn members form side-project
10/19/2002 Bloodjinn working on music video
9/2/2002 Bloodjinn news and notes
7/7/2002 Bloodjinn bassist to leave, rejoin Nientara
6/24/2002 Bloodjinn & Purity's Failure tour schedule
4/29/2002 Bloodjinn, Undying & BTBAM tour schedule
4/5/2002 Bloodjinn eyeing European tour w/ Taken
3/6/2002 Lots of new Bloodjinn information
2/8/2002 Bloodjinn CD complete & set for mastering
10/3/2001 Bloodjinn to enter studio in January
8/29/2001 Bloodjinn & Caliban tour update
8/7/2001 Hugs N Chugs Fest w/ Bloodjinn, etc
7/24/2001 Bloodjinn and Caliban tour schedule
5/29/2001 Bloodjinn snagged by Goodfellow
5/2/2001 Bloodjinn's current show schedule
4/22/2001 Bloodjinn welcomes new guitarist
3/22/2001 Bloodjinn & Azazel on 4-way split
3/9/2001 Bloodjinn studio & tour update

News Tidbits
5/13/2020 Circle of Guilt (Bloodjinn) share new demo track
1/7/2009 Bloodjinn has unveiled a new demo track titled "Addictions."
6/24/2008 Zero System, featuring members of Bloodjinn, has posted a new song.
8/4/2007 Bloodjinn's new video for "Maker" is now online.
1/25/2007 Bloodjinn has posted two songs from their upcoming Pluto Records debut.
9/25/2006 Bloodjinn has posted a new pre-production demo track.
2/25/2006 Bloodjinn have posted a live video for "Fall and Break" (from the new Series DVD) here.
10/28/2004 Bloodjinn have posted a new, unreleased track entitled "See-Through" here.
2/18/2004 Click here to download a new track from Bloodjinn called "Break The Silence."

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