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8/9/2022 Belphegor's 'The Devils' is here, along with video for title track
4/16/2022 Belphegor to release new album 'The Devils' in June, premiere first single
2/24/2022 I Am Morbid (ex-Morbid Angel) to tour Europe with Belphegor, Hate
10/12/2021 Belphegor to release new album in April
6/10/2021 Belphegor recording new album
5/7/2021 Suffocation, Belphegor reschedule European tour
5/28/2020 Belphegor's new album delayed until early 2021
9/25/2019 Belphegor to begin recording new album in December
9/18/2019 Suffocation, Belphegor, Abiotic, Necronomicon tour
8/14/2019 Belphegor working on new album
2/7/2019 Belphegor, Dark Funeral to co-headline North American tour
1/16/2019 Suffocation, Belphegor, God Dethroned to tour Europe
2/11/2018 Belphegor drummer exits band
9/9/2017 Belphegor, Cryptopsy, Hate to tour North America
3/24/2017 Belphegor reveals title, release date of new album
10/16/2016 Possessed, Belphegor announce European tour
6/21/2016 Belphegor, Origin, Shining tour dates announced
4/29/2016 Full Terror Assault 2016 lineup finalized
4/26/2016 Belphegor announces North American tour
4/20/2016 Video: Belphegor frontman assaulted by activist
9/14/2015 Belphegor, Vital Remains tour dates (Europe)
8/12/2015 Belphegor seeks touring guitarist
7/14/2015 Kataklysm, Belphegor announce co-headline tour
12/29/2014 Marduk, Belphegor tour (Europe)
9/8/2014 Belphegor cancels North American tour
7/31/2014 Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Beheaded tour
3/17/2014 Belphegor announces new album title, release date
3/24/2013 Belphegor: new album postponed until 2014
11/22/2012 Belphegor finishing up new album
4/7/2012 Belphegor to record with Erik Rutan
3/23/2012 Belphegor prepares new album
10/28/2011 Overkill, Belphegor, Aborted, Blackguard tour
10/21/2011 Belphegor frontman undergoes "serious" operation
2/15/2011 Belphegor to miss portion of Deicide tour
2/1/2011 Deicide, Belphegor, The Amenta tour (Europe)
12/3/2010 Sepultura, Keep Of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Hate tour
10/22/2010 Belphegor completes new album
9/29/2010 Belphegor, Vreid, Emancer tour (Europe)
9/29/2010 Deicide, Blackguard, Neuraxis, Pathology tour
5/12/2010 Belphegor to record new album
9/28/2009 Kataklysm, Belphegor, Darkest Hour tour (Europe)
8/25/2009 Eluveitie, Belphegor, Alestorm tour
7/29/2009 Belphegor shoots new video
7/8/2009 Belphegor completes new album
1/14/2009 Belphegor prepares new album
10/4/2008 Kreator, Exodus, Warbringer, etc. tour
7/11/2008 Amon Amarth, Belphegor, The Absence tour
1/17/2008 Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Immolation tour
10/27/2007 Belphegor prepares to enter studio
1/31/2007 Unleashed and Belphegor tour (Europe)
12/30/2006 Belphegor still searching for drummer
12/1/2006 Krisiun, Belphegor, Hatesphere, etc. tour
7/13/2006 Nuclear Blast Records signs Belphegor

News Tidbits
9/25/2020 Belphegor share re-recorded version of 'Necrodaemon Terrorsathan'
9/18/2017 Belphegor has issued a music video for "Baphomet."
8/25/2017 Belphegor is streaming a new song from their upcoming LP.
7/14/2017 The first new track from Belphegor's upcoming album is now online.
10/5/2015 Belphegor has released a new video for "Black Winged Torment."
8/7/2014 Belphegor's new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/27/2014 Belphegor has unveiled a new video for the title track of their forthcoming album.
6/25/2014 The first new track unveiled from Belphegor's forthcoming album is streaming online.
12/9/2010 Belphegor has uploaded a track from their forthcoming release.
3/13/2008 Belphegor has uploaded a song from their upcoming album.
10/17/2006 Belphegor has posted a track from their upcoming album.

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