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American Me

4/19/2020 American Me vocalist sent to prison on drug charges
8/30/2018 American Me recording new EP
11/13/2017 American Me set to release new EP
3/5/2014 American Me replaces singer, prepares new album
7/2/2013 The Acacia Strain, Within The Ruins, Xibalba tour
6/11/2013 American Me cancels tour of Europe
5/16/2013 American Me, It Prevails tour (Europe)
6/10/2010 American Me cancels tour
4/29/2010 American Me, Of Salt & Swine dates
3/1/2010 For The Fallen Dreams, American Me tour
12/9/2009 American Me, Endwell, Deez Nuts tour
11/21/2009 American Me's equipment and merch stolen
10/7/2009 American Me, Molotov Solution, etc. tour
9/3/2009 Across The Sun signs with Authentik Ink
8/8/2009 American Me, Dr. Acula tour
8/1/2008 Blood Stands Still, CDC, American Me tour
8/1/2008 For The Fallen Dreams, American Me tour dates
6/2/2008 Catalepsy, American Me tour dates
4/14/2008 American Me, Stray From The Path tour
3/26/2007 Dead Truth Recordings signs two bands

News Tidbits
11/17/2017 American Me has debuted a new song and music video.
10/31/2016 Sacrificer (I Declare War, ex-American Me) has uploaded a cover of the Slipknot song "(sic)."
6/1/2013 American Me has debuted a new song.
8/6/2012 American Me has posted a new song featuring guest vocals from Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain.
7/30/2012 American Me has debuted a song from their forthcoming Rise Records release.
10/5/2009 American Me has uploaded another new track.
7/13/2009 American Me has posted a track from their upcoming Rise Records release.
12/6/2007 American Me has posted three tracks from their forthcoming album.

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