Agnostic Front news


11/3/2020Agnostic Front debut new music video
2/26/2020Crown Of Thornz will open most of the upcoming Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All tour
11/1/2019Agnostic Front premiere new song and video
6/10/2015Agnostic Front has released a new video for "Old New York."
5/5/2015Agnostic Front's new video for "Never Walk Alone" has made its online debut.
4/16/2015Agnostic Front's new video for "A Wise Man" has made its online debut.
4/8/2015Agnostic Front's new video for "The American Dream Died" is now online.
3/31/2015Agnostic Front has launched a full stream of their new album.
3/6/2015Agnostic Front has debuted a new song and music video.
2/21/2015Agnostic Front has posted the first video in a webisode series for their new album.
7/25/2012Agnostic Front has uploaded their music video for "Us Against The World."
7/6/2012Agonistic Front, Coffinworm, and Double Negative have been added to The Power of the Riff Fest East.
3/17/2011Agnostic Front's new full-length can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/5/2011Agnostic Front has debuted another song from their new full-length.
11/2/2007Agnostic Front's video for "Addiction" is available online.
10/23/2007Agnostic Front's forthcoming album, "Warriors," can now be streamed in its entirety.
10/1/2007Two songs from Agnostic Front's upcoming album are available.
11/19/2004Check out the new Agnostic Front video for "So Pure To Me" here.


3/26/2021Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All cancel tour dates
9/26/2020Man injured by stage dive receives $2 million settlement
8/14/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce 2021 tour dates
8/8/2020ex-Agnostic Front bassist Alan Peters dies
4/10/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce rescheduled tour
2/8/2020Black N' Blue Bowl 2020 announced
1/27/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All co-headlining tour
12/10/2019Welcome To Rockville 2020 lineup announced
11/19/2019Epicenter 2020 to feature Metallica, Deftones, Power Trip, more
10/23/2019Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce New York shows
9/13/2019Agnostic Front announce new album, debut first single
8/8/2019Agnostic Front complete new album
7/30/2019Agnostic Front, Slapshot tour dates
6/24/2019Agnostic Front announce 'Victim In Pain' tour with Prong
6/20/2019Agnostic Front announce fall tour dates in UK, Europe
3/7/2019Agnostic Front to tour Europe this summer
2/12/2019Hatebreed announce second leg of 25th anniversary tour
2/7/2019American War Machine (Slapshot, Agnostic Front) announce debut LP
1/1/2019Agnostic Front announces shows in Mexico
12/28/2018Agnostic Front mini-tour
10/27/2018Todd Youth (Warzone, Agnostic Front, Danzig) dies
4/6/2018Black N' Blue Bowl 2018 lineup announced
12/6/2017Dropkick Murphys, Agnostic Front announce tour
10/7/2017For The Children 2017 announced
9/21/2017Agnostic Front, Take Offense mini-tour
8/21/2017Agnostic Front tour dates
7/30/2017East Coast Tsunami Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/15/2017East Coast Tsunami 2017 to feature Agnostic Front, Integrity
1/17/2017United Blood Fest 2017 announced
12/20/2015Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival lineups announced
9/23/2015Agnostic Front announces U.S. tour dates
8/4/2015Agnostic Front, Ricochet mini-tour
7/22/2015Agnostic Front tour dates
4/24/2015Agnostic Front: full-length documentary announced
4/21/2015Agnostic Front invites fans to video shoot
1/21/2015Agnostic Front detail new album
1/19/2015Agnostic Front mini-tour
1/9/2015Kirk Hammett FestEvil w/ Meshuggah, Agnostic Front
11/25/2014Agnostic Front set to record new album
8/4/2014East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
5/20/2014Agnostic Front announces new guitarist
3/12/2014Black N' Blue Bowl 2014 lineup announced
8/21/2012Hatebreed to headline 2013 Persistence Tour
8/6/2012Agnostic Front, Death By Stereo tour dates
7/30/2012East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 lineup
7/20/2012East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 takes shape
6/29/2012The Power of the Riff 'East' announced
6/19/2012Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids tour (Europe)
5/31/2012Agnostic Front, H2O tour (South America)
5/11/2012Agnostic Front to re-release Live At CBGB
4/20/2012Agnostic Front announces '30 years of NYHC' shows
4/4/2012Agnostic Front singer launches record label
3/14/2012Agnostic Front cancels shows in Asia
2/6/2012Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front tour (Australia)
12/28/2011Bridge Nine signs 'supergroup' The Alligators
12/10/2011Agnostic Front (Europe) tour
6/17/2011Agnostic Front, Mongoloids tour dates
5/11/2011Agnostic Front, Mongoloids, Naysayer tour
3/15/2011Agnostic Front tour (Europe)
2/2/2011Bridge Nine to release Agnostic Front 7"
1/24/2011Agnostic Front new album details
12/22/2010Agnostic Front completes new album
11/8/2010Agnostic Front set to enter studio
10/20/2010Agnostic Front singer comments on DC9 fatality
10/15/2010Man killed after Agnostic Front show in DC
6/18/2010Agnostic Front, Mother Of Mercy tour dates
3/12/2010Agnostic Front, Outbreak tour dates
12/18/2009Agnostic Front to play show w/ original line-up
12/8/2009Agnostic Front, This Is Hell tour (Europe)
11/11/2009Agnostic Front, Death By Stereo tour dates
8/13/2009Bridge Nine to re-release Agnostic Front classics
6/25/2009Agnostic Front tour (Europe)
3/17/2009Agnostic Front announces new drummer
2/8/2009Agnostic Front seeks touring drummer
12/28/2008Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids tour
10/27/2008Agnostic Front tour schedule
4/15/2008Agnostic Front tour (South America)
3/16/2008Agnostic Front tour (Europe)
12/22/2007Agnostic Front set to shoot video
9/23/2007Persistence Tour 2007 (Europe)
7/30/2007Hoods drop off tour, seek donations
7/8/2007Agnostic Front, Death Before Dishonor dates
6/1/2007Agnostic Front, Hoods, etc. tour
12/18/2006Agnostic Front and Madball mini-tour
11/27/2006Agnostic Front prepares new album
11/9/2006Gold Coast Tattoo Expo (Florida) details
9/28/2006Agnostic Front drummer rejoins Inhuman
6/21/2006Agnostic Front and First Blood tour (Europe)
1/7/2006Shadows Fall announce headlining shows
7/20/2005Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, etc. tour (Europe)
4/21/2005Agnostic Front, Full Blown Chaos, etc. tour
2/20/2005Agnostic Front, Martyr AD, etc. tour
11/2/2004Agnostic Front set to film shows for DVD
9/1/2004Agnostic Front signs w/ Nuclear Blast
6/25/2004Most Precious Blood, Agnostic Front mini-tour