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Interesting point carve brought up

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:06:51 PM
I made 17k this morning taking shitlesselfies at the beach 16k in stocks. LOL

iwilladapt 7/15/2022 3:07:46 PM
oh yeah, well I made $50k in an hour hahaha let's compare dicks now. how many inches is yours?

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:08:17 PM
I made 51k farting into an asmr mic.

B__DAWG 7/15/2022 3:09:17 PM
i don't even want any money or pussy

iwilladapt 7/15/2022 3:10:37 PM
I made 75k while pissing across the length of a football field hahaha you losers

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:11:10 PM
I made 112k selling my used bathwater

ej 7/15/2022 3:11:21 PM
i made a respectful amount of money today

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:11:22 PM

Barbara 7/15/2022 3:11:48 PM
I made 4$ chugging all of that bathwater. trickle down works if u work it

iwilladapt 7/15/2022 3:12:56 PM
whatever happened to that doofus that used to brag about driving an audi?

lurkcity 7/15/2022 3:49:34 PM
your evaluation is WAY off.

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:50:38 PM
I didn't make any evaluations. Do you think I run websiteoutlook? Lol

lurkcity 7/15/2022 3:50:38 PM
btw just tell carve to come post about it, he has been out of time out for 3 days. why is he having you nerds post for him? lol.

BlkFrmThWstDwn 7/15/2022 3:51:24 PM
you guys are such gays

Inkongudunk 7/15/2022 3:51:35 PM
Cry about it more