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yo f*ck chili's

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Dick_Feller 59 days ago

Barbara Walters

Dick_Feller 59 days ago

Barbara Walters

evil_hero 106 days ago

"No," he insists. "This is... this is f*cking Chili's!" He knocks over a photo display of the couple's trip-'round-the-world.

RudeBoy 119 days ago

Barbara 6 minutes ago f*cking looOOOOser ^ coming from a 5' 10" 113 pound sissy who would get beat up by a 11 year old girl and who has only had sex one time and it was in a 3 way with another guy 😆😆

evil_hero 174 days ago

Barbara 1 hour ago *slides $12 hotdog through hole as payment after halftime blowbang*

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