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Poison The Well theft. Please help.

Monday, August 27, 2001 9:01 AM PT

On 8/25 in Montreal, Poison The Well kicked off their Canadian tour by playing to a huge crowd. The show was a complete success and fun for all involved. However, following the show, the band went out to eat. Upon returning, they found their trailer broken into and every guitar was taken, half the drum kit was gone, and a bag containing petty cash was stolen. Facts surrounding this theft are peculiar as only PTW's van was broken into, even though all the bands' vans were present. Trustkill Records will be supplying a reward to anyone who supplies information that leads to a recovery of stolen property and an arrest of those involved. The fact of the matter is, somebody must have seen or heard something. Somebody somewhere knows something. We implore you to contact Trustkill and tell them what you know. Poison The Well are a bunch of really cool people. The fact that someone would do this to them, or any band stuggling to make a living, is fucking sick. If you know something, don't sit back on your ass and let this crime go unpunished. Do something about it. Thanks.

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