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Dillinger Escape Plan's guitar stolen

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 7:16 PM PT

Official press release:

On Saturday, June 10, the Dillinger Escape Plan came down to Fredericksburg, VA to kick off their current tour. This was their first show ever in these parts and it wasn't too much unlike any other Dillinger show prior. Greg climbed on the P.A., hung from the ceiling, blew fire... Ben swung his guitar violently and jumped off of his gear a lot. The band has been doing this for several years and it's part of what people come to expect when paying to see DEP live. Any damages incurred by the venue always get covered from the band's guarantee.

Fredericksburg, always at least 6 years behind on most things, apparently didn't get the memo. As such, most of the audience (who apparently still retain the "thug" attitude from their Fubu days 2 years ago) took the violent stage act as one of "disrespecting the venue." Dozens amassed outside by the tour bus while the band played, talking mighty about how bad they were going to "fuck up" the bus and the band members.

Well, to cut to the chase, nobody was beat up and nothing happened to the bus.

In the midst of all the chaos, however, somebody made off with James Love's primary guitar (Love has been filling in for the injured Brian Benoit). The thief was almost caught (as members of Cattle Decapitation put a hammer through the fleeing thief's windshield), yet managed to get away with the guitar in tow.

The guitar is a customized pink Ibanez and pictured here.

We are aware of the thief's name (Jeff) and his vehicle (Blue Cooper Mini). What we could use at this point is for anyone with further information about this person (last name, phone number, etc.) so that this matter can be handled through the proper channels.

Since the band is currently on the road, any information on the whereabouts of James' guitar or information on this "Jeff" individual should be relayed to brent@magicbulletrecords.com. Further, if you spy this guitar on eBay, Craigslist, or any pawn shops/music stores, please let us know. If the information leads to the guitar finding its way back to the band, we'll make sure that you receive heaps of DEP and MBR merch for your efforts.

And finally, if "Jeff" is reading this, you currently have the option of returning the guitar with no questions asked... just get in touch.

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