The Dillinger Escape Plan news


10/22/2020one of underground metal's most crucial records was released 22 years ago today
9/28/2020happy 21st birthday to this game-changing album
8/27/2020Greg Puciato issues new solo single
3/23/2020The Dillinger Escape Plan released this album 10 years ago today
9/28/201920 years ago today a true landmark album was released
7/20/2019happy 15th birthday to this 'mathcore' opus
5/20/2018Probably not the 'cool' choice, but this is the best The Dillinger Escape Plan album.
12/29/2017Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan perform several songs with original singer Dimitri Minakakis.
10/18/2017The Dillinger Escape Plan has issued a new video.
10/30/2016Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan singer eats fan's hamburger mid-song.
10/27/2016Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan perform with original frontman Dimitri Minakakis.
9/13/2016Here's a brand new The Dillinger Escape Plan song.
9/9/2016The Dillinger Escape Plan has uploaded a thirty-second preview of a new song.
8/22/2016The Dillinger Escape Plan performed without singer Greg Puciato yesterday, and some interesting things happened.
7/31/2016A new The Dillinger Escape Plan track titled "Limerent Death" can now be heard online.
3/23/2016Kurt Ballou might be mixing the new Dillinger Escape Plan album.
3/14/2016Mastodon and The Dillinger Escape Plan will play in Philly together this spring. Cool.
12/1/2015The Black Queen, featuring Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, has premiered a new song.
11/25/2015String quartet covers The Dillinger Escape Plan song "43% Burnt."
9/30/2015Well, here's seven seconds of new The Dillinger Escape Plan music.
7/1/2015The Dillinger Escape Plan have issued what they say is "the gayest shirt off all time by any band." Have a look.
5/8/2015The Dillinger Escape Plan's new video for "Paranoia Shields" has made its online debut.
3/9/2015The Dillinger Escape Plan responds to praise from Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.
2/5/2015Here's some new earnings and attendance data, including shows from Animals As Leaders, Mayhem, The Dillinger Escape Plan.
1/6/2015Retox has debuted a new video, and it features an angry Greg Puciato with a baseball bat.
11/18/2014Someone in The Dillinger Escape Plan may or may not have called The Ghost Inside's new album cover a rip off.
10/3/2014The official video for The Dillinger Escape Plan's collaboration with rapper Jarren Benton is now online.
8/26/2014The Dillinger Escape Plan has unveiled a new song featuring rapper Jarren Benton.
5/7/2014Killer Be Killed (Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) is streaming their debut album.
5/2/2014Killer Be Killed (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) has unveiled another new song.
4/19/2014No Machine (The Dillinger Escape Plan, NK) has premiered a new song.
4/11/2014The Dillinger Escape Plan has premiered their new single, "Happiness Is A Smile."
4/3/2014Live footage of The Dillinger Escape Plan performing their new single "Happiness Is A Smile" has made its way online.
10/18/2013The new Soulfly, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Mastodon supergroup now has a name.
6/19/2013The Dillinger Escape Plan's music video for the title track of their latest release has made its online debut.
5/22/2013One Of Us Is The Killer, The Dillinger Escape Plan's new album, has debuted at #25 on the Billboard 200.
5/13/2013The Dillinger Escape Plan's new album One Of Us Is The Killer can now be streamed in its entirety.
5/8/2013Another new Dillinger Escape Plan song is available online.
5/6/2013The Dillinger Escape Plan has unveiled a lyric video for "Prancer."
4/30/2013NK (Envy On The Coast, Dillinger Escape Plan) has uploaded a lyric video for "Shoulder Gorilla."
4/30/2013Two new Dillinger Escape Plan songs can be streamed online.
4/23/2013The Dillinger Escape Plan has debuted the music video for their new song "When I Lost My Bet."
4/1/2013Dillinger Escape Plan has uploaded a substantial preview of their forthcoming album.
3/12/2013A new Dillinger Escape Plan song titled "Prancer" is now online.
6/28/2012Renowned drummer Mike Portnoy recently faced off with Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer for Drum Fight IX. Check out video footage and take our poll.
2/7/2012Dillinger Escape Plan has unveiled a new video for "Parasitic Twins."
11/4/2011Mike Patton joined Dillinger Escape Plan on-stage last night in San Francisco for a song - video footage here.
1/19/2011How long before Dillinger Escape Plan and Maroon 5 are touring together?
4/1/2010The new Dillinger Escape Plan album, "Option Paralysis," has debuted at #78 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 7,100.
3/16/2010The new Dillinger Escape Plan full-length can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/1/2010Dillinger Escape Plan's new video for "Farewell, Mona Lisa" has been made
1/24/2010Clips from each song on the new Dillinger Escape Plan album can be heard here.
1/19/2010The cover of Dillinger Escape Plan's forthcoming album can be seen here
1/13/2010Dillinger Escape Plan singer (and all-around good dude) Greg Puciato isn't too happy about this MTV A new Dillinger Escape Plan track can be here.
11/16/2009The new Dillinger Escape Plan album, "Option Paralysis," is now slated for a March 23, 2010 release.
10/8/2009The latest of Dillinger Escape Plan's in-studio videos is now online.
9/29/2009Dillinger Escape Plan has posted another "behind the scenes" breakfast/studio video.
9/16/2009Dillinger Escape Plan has uploaded a "studio week 1" behind the scenes video for their new album.
9/14/2009Dillinger Escape Plan recently got some props on Bob Lefsetz's blog.
8/4/2009A short demo clip from Dillinger Escape Plan's new album can be heard here.
6/9/2009Dillinger Escape Plan has uploaded some new rehearsal video footage.
3/11/2009Video footage of Dillinger Escape Plan's first show with drummer Billy Rhymer is available
2/9/2009Dillinger Escape Plan can be seen covering Living Colour here.
12/30/2008According to this site, Dillinger Escape Plan now has a new drummer.
7/28/2008A new webisode of Dillinger Escape Plan's video tour blog can be seen here.
6/13/2008Dillinger Escape Plan has posted another "Summer Tour Episode" video.
5/21/2008Dillinger Escape Plan has now debuted their "Black Bubblegum" video online.
5/16/2008Disturbed is dismissing Dillinger Escape Plan's recent comments as "jealousy."
2/7/2008Dillinger Escape Plan's performance on Conan O'Brien last week can be seen here.
1/24/2008Dillinger Escape Plan will perform on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday, February 6th.
1/24/2008Dillinger Escape Plan's new video for "Milk Lizard" is now availab
11/21/2007Dillinger Escape Plan's new album, "Ire Works," debuted at #142 on the Billboard 200 with 6,900 units sold.
11/8/2007An ecard for the new Dillinger Escape Plan album is online.
11/1/2007Dillinger Escape Plan's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
10/29/2007Dillinger Escape Plan has posted another song from their new album. The track features Brent Hinds of Mastodon.
10/26/2007If you'd like to watch Dillinger Escape Plan rehearse, this video is for you.
10/14/2007Dillinger Escape Plan has posted an additional track from their new album.
9/9/2007Dillinger Escape Plan has posted a song from their new album, "Ire Works."
6/27/2007Dillinger Escape Plan has posted another webisode for their new album.
5/21/2007Rumors persist that drummer Chris Pennie has left Dillinger Escape Plan to permanently join Coheed and Cambria, with whom he's been working in the studio. We can neither confirm nor deny
1/16/2007A brief video teaser for Dillinger Escape Plan's next album has been posted.
7/7/2006A new Dillinger Escape Plan ecard is now online.
4/18/2006Dillinger Escape Plan will tour with AFI this summer.
1/26/2006The Dillinger Escape Plan, Terror, and Himsa will reportedly be playing Ozzfest this year.
8/10/2005Dillinger Escape Plan's video for "Unretrofied" is now online.
9/8/2004Watch Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan play guitar for a Guitar World segment here.
7/28/2004Dillinger Escape Plan's new album has debuted at #106 on the Billboard, with over 11,000 scanned.
6/21/2004Dillinger Escape Plan has an ecard for their new album online here.
5/12/2004Click here to download Dillinger Escape Plan's "Panasonic Youth," which will appear on their new album.
3/26/2004The new Dillinger Escape Plan album is tentatively titled "Miss Machine" and should hit stores in July.


11/24/2020Greg Puciato (TDEP, Killer Be Killed) announces streaming event
10/13/2020Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) in new horror short film
10/2/2020Greg Puciato forced to release solo LP early after album leak
5/1/2020Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato premieres solo track
3/27/2020Devin Townsend debuts song w/ DEP, ex-The Faceless members
3/26/2020END announce new album, premiere song and video
3/12/2020Greg Puciato album features Poison The Well drummer
3/2/2020Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) debuts new song
1/2/2020Dillinger Escape Plan original members launch new project
3/12/2019Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist in the studio w/ Suicidal Tendencies
1/11/2019Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) set to release new book
10/11/2018Slipknot drummer hosting charity show ft. Mastodon, etc. members
8/16/2018Dillinger Escape Plan, Extol members launch band, premiere song
8/15/2018Killer Be Killed (Mastodon, Converge, etc.) working on new album
7/3/2018Suicidal Tendencies recruit Ben Weinman (DEP) guitarist for tour
12/30/2017The Dillinger Escape Plan plays final show
12/28/2017Video: Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton perform
11/9/2017Dillinger Escape Plan to perform EP live with Mike Patton
8/8/2017The Dillinger Escape Plan announces final show
4/19/2017Dillinger Escape Plan announces final Australian tour
3/1/2017John Frum (DEP, ex-The Faceless) announce LP, premiere song
2/27/2017Dillinger Escape Plan to tour with Soundgarden
2/24/2017Dillinger Escape Plan announces rescheduled Europe tour
2/15/2017Dillinger Escape Plan, ex-The Faceless members launch band
2/13/2017Dillinger Escape Plan issue statement regarding accident
2/13/2017Dillinger Escape Plan remain hospitalized, tour cancelled
2/12/2017Dillinger Escape Plan involved in tour bus crash
1/17/2017Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup announced
12/12/2016Northern Invasion 2017 lineup announced
12/5/2016Carolina Rebellion 2017 lineup revealed
12/5/2016Welcome To Rockville 2017 lineup announced
12/4/2016Glassjaw album to feature Dillinger Escape Plan drummer
11/29/2016Rock On The Range 2017 lineup announced
11/22/2016The Dillinger Escape Plan mini-tour (Canada)
10/25/2016Dillinger Escape Plan album debuts in Top 50
9/7/2016Dillinger Escape Plan announces European tour
8/22/2016The Dillinger Escape Plan announces U.S. tour
8/5/2016Dillinger Escape Plan to break up after new album
7/29/2016Dillinger Escape Plan: new album release date, title, teaser
7/12/2016Dillinger Escape Plan announce North American tour dates
6/28/2016Sound On Sound Fest 2016 lineup announced
6/19/2016Giraffe Tongue Orchestra unveil debut track, announce new LP
5/18/2016Riot Fest 2016 lineups announced
5/10/2016Party Smasher ink deal for DEP, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra LPs
3/14/2016Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan announce May show
2/17/2016The Dillinger Escape Plan recording new album
2/15/2016Dillinger Escape Plan deluxe reissue announced
10/6/2015Dillinger Escape Plan announce deluxe vinyl reissues
7/25/2015Texas Revolution Fest 2015 lineup announced
7/19/2015Dillinger Escape Plan to track new album this fall
6/15/2015Dillinger Escape Plan singer bares The Black Queen
6/12/2015Chino Moreno to appear on new Lamb Of God album
3/23/2015The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mutoid Man mini-tour
3/7/2015Ink-N-Iron Festival 2015 lineup announced
2/11/2015Amnesia Rockfest 2015 lineup announced
12/1/2014Rock On The Range 2015 lineup announced
7/16/2014DEP guitarist Ben Weinman launches Party Smasher
7/14/2014Dillinger Escape Plan opening for NIN, Soundgarden
4/30/2014Suicide Silence details new album
2/11/2014The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tera Melos tour dates
1/20/2014Dillinger Escape Plan, Trash Talk, Retox tour
7/11/2013Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist cleared to tour
6/11/2013Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist to undergo surgery
5/17/2013The Dillinger Escape Plan tour (Europe)
4/26/2013Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 dates announced
4/25/2013The Faceless stuck in Texas; missing shows
4/4/2013North Korea (DEP) changes name, previews new song
3/22/2013The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 lineup revealed
2/25/2013Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless announce tour
2/25/2013Metallica announces Orion Festival lineup
2/18/2013Dillinger Escape Plan announces new album, shows
1/23/2013NEMHF 2013 adds Dillinger Escape Plan, more
11/22/2012Dillinger Escape Plan signs with Sumerian Records
10/1/2012Dillinger Escape Plan set to record new album
9/6/2012California Metalfest 2012 lineup
8/17/2012Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist quits band
7/19/2012North Korea (Dillinger Escape Plan) announce label
5/31/2012Relapse Records puts full catalog on Bandcamp
5/22/2012Dillinger Escape Plan update
1/20/2012Argonauts and Dimitri Minakakis part ways
12/21/2011Dillinger Escape Plan writing new album
11/10/2011G.T.O. (Mastodon, DEP, etc.) update
11/2/2011Chris Pennie leaves Coheed and Cambria
9/12/2011Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Red Fang tour
3/22/2011'Homefront: Songs for Resistance' comp now online
1/6/2011Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan tour
7/2/2010Dillinger Escape Plan, Cancer Bats tour (Europe)
3/11/2010Metal Blade signs Return To Earth (ex-DEP)
3/9/2010Dillinger Escape Plan, Maylene tour (Australia)
1/27/2010DEP, Darkest Hour, Iwrestledabearonce tour
12/18/2009Warped Tour to include DEP, Emmure, Whitechapel
9/29/2009Thursday, Dillinger Escape Plan tour
6/17/2009Dillinger Escape Plan confirms new label
5/27/2009Dillinger Escape Plan signs w/ Season Of Mist
5/27/2009Dillinger Escape Plan no longer on Relapse
5/12/2009Dillinger Escape Plan tour dates
12/2/2008Dillinger Escape Plan to record album in June
11/14/2008Dillinger Escape Plan prepares new DVD
10/21/2008Dillinger Escape Plan writing new album
9/1/2008Dillinger Escape Plan addresses rumors
8/22/2008Suicide Silence addresses DEP's tour cancellation
8/16/2008Dillinger Escape Plan drops off tour
8/7/2008Suicide Silence, Dillinger Escape Plan tour
5/2/2008Cavalera Conspiracy, DEP, Throwdown, etc. tour
4/4/2008Meshuggah, Dillinger, BTBAM tour (Europe)
3/23/2008Candiria recruits Isis, DEP for remix album
3/5/2008Dillinger Escape Plan tour (Japan, Australia)
2/23/2008Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bled tour
2/20/2008Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bled tour dates
12/3/2007DEP, Poison The Well tour (Europe)
11/30/2007Architect drops off Dillinger Escape Plan tour
11/28/2007Killswitch Engage, ETID, Dillinger tour
11/20/2007Dillinger Escape Plan, BTBAM tour (UK)
10/27/2007Ex-DEP drummer to release LP w/ side-project
10/17/2007Dillinger Escape Plan, ALOL, etc. tour
10/2/2007Dillinger Escape Plan postpones tour
9/11/2007Dillinger Escape Plan album details
9/6/2007Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan tour scrapped
8/21/2007Dillinger Escape Plan tour takes shape
8/19/2007Dillinger Escape Plan, A Life Once Lost tour
8/4/2007Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist issues update
7/31/2007Dillinger Escape Plan adds guitarist
7/5/2007Dillinger Escape Plan album update
6/28/2007Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan dates (Germany)
6/15/2007Dillinger Escape Plan replaces drummer
1/13/2007Dillinger Escape Plan album info
10/12/2006Dillinger Escape Plan drummer schedules clinics
10/6/2006Dillinger Escape Plan update
8/14/2006Dillinger Escape Plan NOT playing Dirt Fest
6/14/2006Dillinger Escape Plan's guitar stolen
5/29/2006Dillinger Escape Plan post track from new EP
5/24/2006Dillinger Escape Plan set to release EP
5/17/2006Dillinger Escape Plan and Dysrhythmia dates
4/24/2006Dillinger Escape Plan, AFI, etc. dates
10/30/2005DEP track added to video game
9/16/2005Dillinger Escape Plan, BTBAM, Hella dates
9/7/2005Dillinger Escape Plan to appear on Fuse Network
8/30/2005Dillinger Escape Plan drop off Gigantour
7/28/2005DEP, Unearth, Zao, A Life Once Lost tour
6/1/2005Dillinger Escape Plan sidelined by injuries
5/20/2005Gigantour dates announced
4/6/2005DEP, Nevermore to tour with Megadeth, etc.
4/3/2005Dillinger Escape Plan dates
2/19/2005Spylacopa (ex-Candiria) recruits DEP frontman
11/24/2004Dillinger Escape Plan complete new video
10/4/2004DEP guitarist sidelined for tour w/ injury
9/10/2004DEP, Poison The Well tour (Europe)
8/17/2004DEP, Misery Signals, ETID, Zao tour
6/4/2004Dillinger Escape Plan completes video
5/15/2004Dillinger Escape Plan tour takes shape
4/23/2004Dillinger Escape Plan recording new album
11/11/2003Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust tour
6/30/2003DEP, etc. tapped for Plea For Peace tour
2/26/2003Dillinger Escape Plan news and notes
2/13/2003Former DEP frontman forms new band
1/12/2003Dillinger Escape Plan shows
11/5/2002Dillinger Escape Plan & Mastodon tour dates
9/13/2002Dillinger Escape Plan U.S. tour dates
7/30/2002DEP and Icarus Line European tour schedule
7/21/2002Dillinger Escape Plan tour schedule
6/11/2002Dillinger Escape Plan car accident, more
5/21/2002Dillinger Escape Plan announces more dates
5/1/2002Dillinger Escape Plan completes new EP
4/19/2002Dillinger Escape Plan news and notes
4/8/2002Handful of bands confirmed for Krazy Fest
3/20/2002Dillinger Escape Plan to tour Europe in May
2/7/2002DEP to tour Europe w/ System Of A Down
1/24/2002Hotwire to play on most of the DEP tour
1/6/2002More information on DEP and Mike Patton EP
1/3/2002Dillinger Escape Plan tour dates announced
1/2/2002All Else Failed news and notes
1/2/2002First DEP release with new vocalist
12/13/2001The Dillinger Escape Plan to tour U.S. in January
10/12/2001Dillinger Escape Plan unveil new vocalist
9/19/2001Dillinger Escape Plan & Mike Patton EP confirmed
8/8/2001ToYo comp to include Harkonen, DEP
7/26/2001Tool and Fantomas, Patton and DEP?
7/12/2001Dillinger Escape Plan update
5/2/2001Dilllinger Escape Plan's search
4/14/2001Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Dimitri Minakakis quits band
3/19/2001DEP & Nora to team up in Canada
2/27/2001Dillinger Escape Plan update
2/21/2001Dillinger Escape Plan update
1/20/2001Dillinger Escape Plan random notes
12/29/2000Dillinger Escape Plan in L.A.
12/24/2000Dillinger Escape Plan update
12/7/2000Dillinger Escape Plan gets new bassist
10/11/2000DEP's Ben Weinmen producing All Else Failed
9/16/2000Dillinger Escape Plan update
9/14/2000Dillinger Escape Plan tour
8/15/2000Botch and Dillinger Escape Plan tour