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The Acacia Strain to release 'Slow Decay' album in July

UPDATE: The information below is accurate, with the exception of the album release date, which is actually July 24. Official information here. ------------------------------------- If you haven't been paying attention, over the past three months The Acacia Strain have released four two-song EPs, respectively titled D, E, C, and A. Following the release of A, it was assumed that a final EP called Y was imminent (with the total series obviously spelling "Decay"). If a few leaked album listings are to be believed, however, there's even more new music on the way than originally expected. On July 17, The Acacia Strain will purportedly release an LP titled Slow Decay through Rise Records. Coupled with the songs that comprise the four aforementioned EPs, the LP will include a total of twelve new tracks (listed below). Slow Decay track listing: 1. Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat 2. Crippling Poison 3. Seeing God (feat. Aaron Heard) 4. Solace and Serenity 5. The Lucid Dream (feat. Jess Nyx) 6. I breathed in the smoke deeply it tasted like death and I smiled (feat. Zach Hatfield) 7. Crossgates 1. Inverted Person 2. Chhinnamasta 3. One Thousand Painful Stings (feat. Courtney LaPlante) 4. Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey 5. Earth Will Become Death

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