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Purgatory surprise release new EP

Saturday, April 20, 2019 6:53 PM PT

Official press release:

Midwest Street Metal crew, Purgatory, have surprise released their new EP, Section 219, a collection of pulverizing tracks self-recorded by the band.

Across three new songs, the band is raw as ever, candidly sharing their stories of the high-crime and drug riddled areas of the Midwest they call home. While those experiences are nothing new to Purgatory, they share them in a bitter light, one maybe too real for the average listener. The intro and title tract sets a tone of gloom that only Purgatory's angry-as-hell riffs can smash through, backed by their signature thick production. Speaking about the new songs the band says, "We're still just writing about our realities we see and hear and sometimes go through or deal with. Pulling people back down into the dark side of hardcore where life isn't shiny full of copy cat gimmick HC bands. Just a big middle finger to the way a lot of shit is now." Section 219 is the first release from the band since their critically acclaimed 2018 debut full-length, Cold Side of Reality, out now on Unbeaten Records.

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