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Nearly 100 phones stolen at While She Sleeps show

Thursday, March 7, 2019 7:14 AM PT

Roughly 100 phones were reportedly stolen during a concert by UK metalcore act While She Sleeps in London last week. According to the Evening Standard, a "pickpocket gang" is being blamed for the thefts, which took place on March 1 at the Roundhouse venue in Camden.

"Security told me 50 were stolen and that was only after the first three songs," IT worker and show attendee Daniel Snow told the Evening Standard. "Some people were really angry, a lot were stressed but we were massively upset by it." Snow's Galaxy S8 was swiped.

"The gang were clearly organised. Metal fans are a great community. No real fan would do something like this," Snow added.

Another fan told the Evening Standard that security "did all they could to help" after his friend's iPhone was stolen. "Everyone was searched on their way out of the venue and made to unlock their phones to prove it was theirs," he said.

Conor Burke, who had his iPhone 7 stolen, said, "From the people I saw and talked to, and the amount of people coming and going, I'd say there was a minimum of 100 people. It was just ridiculous — it ruined the gig."

While She Sleeps vocalist Lawrence "Loz" Taylor was eventually made aware of the thefts and cautioned fans to check their belongings.

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