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Norma Jean album debuts in Top 75

Saturday, September 24, 2016 10:52 AM PT

The new Norma Jean album, Polar Similar, sold roughly 7,800 copies in its first week of release in the United States, debuting at No. 75 on the Billboard 200 chart. Notably, this is the poorest first-week Billboard 200 chart showing for Norma Jean since their 2005 release, O' God, The Aftermath, and their worst sales debut since 2002's Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child.

Norma Jean's previous album, Wrongdoers (2013), debuted at No. 37 on the aforementioned chart with first-week sales of 8,350. In 2010, the band's Meridional album sold 9,800 in its debut week, landing at No. 45 on the same chart.

Going back further, Norma Jean's 2008 album The Anti Mother debuted at No. 29 with first-week sales of 16,000. Meanwhile, Redeemer (2008) bowed at No. 38 on the strength of 21,000 in initial sales. Finally, O' God, The Aftermath moved 19,000 units in its debut week, good enough for No. 62 on the Billboard 200.

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