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7/10/2024 Norma Jean announce "1994 North America" tour with Darkest Hour and Teeth
4/24/2024 The Used, Norma Jean, Emery, Hawthorne Heights, Saosin, & more to sail on 2025 Emo’s Not Dead Cruise
3/4/2024 Norma Jean hint at LP 10 following P.O.D. tour
2/27/2024 Norma Jean to support P.O.D. on upcoming tour with Bad Wolves
10/4/2023 With Blood Comes Cleansing, Norma Jean, He Is Legend and more to play Douglasville BBQ Fest
5/11/2023 Memphis May Fire announce Summer tour with Norma Jean, Secrets, and Saul
1/26/2023 Norma Jean share music video for "1994' prior to tour
1/1/2023 Furnace Fest presents Shed Bash 2023 pre-fest lineup ft Hatebreed, Norma Jean, and more
12/21/2022 Norma Jean announce February tour with Fire From The Gods and Greyhaven
8/11/2022 Norma Jean put out 'A Killing Word' video
7/29/2022 Norma Jean share tour dates leading up to Furnace Fest appearance
7/22/2022 Norma Jean share "Sleep Explosion" music video
7/7/2022 Norma Jean debut new track 'Spearmint Revolt'
6/16/2022 Norma Jean announce new album 'Deathrattle Sing For Me', debut first single
5/13/2022 Norma Jean vocalist Cory Brandan launches new band Orphantwin with his brother Matthew
5/4/2022 Norma Jean release new video
5/3/2022 Labeled Fest 2022 tour to feature Norma Jean, Emery, Oh Sleeper, more
4/21/2022 Norma Jean premiere new music video for 'Landslide Defeater'
6/3/2020 Norma Jean singer trashed by peers for social media post
1/29/2020 Norma Jean announce house show tour
1/1/2020 Converge, Norma Jean, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
12/11/2019 Drunk driver crashes into Norma Jean frontman's house
11/5/2019 Norma Jean miss Billboard 200 for first time since 2002
8/23/2019 The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean, Gideon tour
7/19/2019 Norma Jean premiere first single from new album
7/17/2019 Norma Jean to release new album in October
7/1/2019 Mind Power (A Life Once Lost) release new EP
5/27/2019 Norma Jean part ways with guitarist Jeff Hickey
5/6/2019 Fit For A King, Norma Jean, Currents tour
4/29/2019 iMatter Festival 2019 lineup announced
2/10/2019 Norma Jean begin recording new album
1/30/2019 Norma Jean set to record new album
1/18/2019 Impact Music Festival 2019 announced
8/20/2018 Norma Jean writing new album
3/24/2018 Norma Jean, '68 mini-tour
3/20/2018 Norma Jean, Protest The Hero to tour Europe, UK
3/2/2018 Bled Fest 2018 lineup announced
12/22/2017 Norma Jean announces 'Redeemer' anniversary tour
9/28/2017 Every Time I Die parts ways with drummer
8/8/2017 Playing With Fire Music Festival 2017 announced
5/23/2017 Norma Jean tour dates
2/3/2017 So What?! Music Festival 2017 adds 60 bands
1/17/2017 Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup announced
1/9/2017 Rocklahoma 2017 lineup announced
1/5/2017 Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Capsize tour dates
12/13/2016 River City Rockfest 2017 announced
12/12/2016 Periphery, The Contortionist, Norma Jean tour
10/5/2016 Silent Planet added to For Today tour
9/24/2016 Norma Jean album debuts in Top 75
9/6/2016 For Today, Norma Jean, My Epic tour announced
8/10/2016 Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, ex-ETID) crowdfunding debut LP
6/14/2016 Norma Jean announce new album, premiere song
3/30/2016 Norma Jean tour dates (Europe)
3/25/2016 Norma Jean to release new album in September
2/10/2016 Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Forevermore tour
2/9/2016 Norma Jean finishes recording new album
12/30/2015 Norma Jean set to record new album
10/22/2015 Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die members launch new band
9/15/2015 Norma Jean signs with Solid State Records
7/25/2015 Texas Revolution Fest 2015 lineup announced
7/9/2015 Norma Jean announces North American tour
5/8/2015 Norma Jean set to begin work on new album
2/10/2015 Every Time I Die announces new drummer
2/2/2015 Norma Jean loses some gear to home robbery
1/19/2015 Norma Jean, For The Fallen Dreams tour dates
12/1/2014 South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
10/20/2014 Norma Jean, Night Verses tour dates
8/9/2014 Norma Jean, Emery, Night Verses tour
6/20/2014 Norma Jean, Night Verses tour dates
1/28/2014 Norma Jean, Liferuiner, Night Verses tour (Europe)
1/15/2014 Norma Jean, Spoken, My Heart To Fear tour dates
12/16/2013 Josh Scogin (The Chariot) launches new band '68
12/2/2013 Norma Jean robbed in Chicago
10/15/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna, KEN mode tour dates
10/12/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna, KEN mode tour
9/15/2013 Norma Jean tour dates
7/13/2013 Norma Jean filming new music video
6/13/2013 Norma Jean album set for release
5/3/2013 Alliance Festival 2013 lineup announced
4/26/2013 Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 dates announced
3/22/2013 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 lineup revealed
3/13/2013 Norma Jean completes new album
2/26/2013 Norma Jean tour dates
1/18/2013 Norma Jean, Vanna tour (Australia)
10/30/2012 Norma Jean set to record new album
8/11/2012 Word Alive, Born of Osiris, Norma Jean tour dates
7/27/2012 Six Flags FestEVIL takes shape
7/26/2012 Born of Osiris, The Word Alive, Norma Jean tour
6/7/2012 Norma Jean to record new album this winter
6/5/2012 Norma Jean tour dates
12/22/2011 Norma Jean frontman: 'You owe me money.'
11/22/2011 Norma Jean to enter studio in January
10/27/2011 Norma Jean, Stray From The Path tour announced
10/24/2011 Norma Jean, Oh Sleeper, Stray From The Path dates
10/7/2011 Norma Jean, Chariot, SFTP tour (Europe)
9/9/2011 Norma Jean prepares new album
5/12/2011 Scream The Prayer 2011 tour dates
4/19/2011 Scream The Prayer IV tour line-up announced
3/9/2011 Norma Jean, After The Burial, etc. tour
1/15/2011 Norma Jean adds new guitarist
1/11/2011 Norma Jean, STYG, Impending Doom tour
9/24/2010 Norma Jean, Reckoner mini-tour
9/7/2010 Alexisonfire, Norma Jean tour dates (Canada)
5/10/2010 Underoath recruits ex-Norma Jean drummer
4/19/2010 Norma Jean album set for July release
4/5/2010 Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Cancer Bats tour
2/24/2010 Norma Jean recording new album
11/3/2009 Norma Jean signs with Razor & Tie
9/9/2009 Norma Jean, Horse the Band, Chariot tour
7/29/2009 Norma Jean update
4/5/2009 Norma Jean drops off tour
1/29/2009 Silverstein, Norma Jean, Blessthefall tour
1/28/2009 Underoath, Norma Jean tour dates (Canada)
8/18/2008 Norma Jean, Haste The Day, etc. tour
5/12/2008 Norma Jean enters studio
3/31/2008 Norma Jean set to enter studio
2/14/2008 Norma Jean prepares new album
1/21/2008 Norma Jean announces new drummer
9/23/2007 Norma Jean drummer quitting band
8/14/2007 Saosin, Norma Jean, Alexisonfire tour
4/24/2007 Every Time I Die, Norma Jean tour (Australia)
3/20/2007 Underoath, Norma Jean, etc. tour
3/6/2007 Norma Jean and Thrice shows
2/4/2007 Norma Jean, The Chariot, A Life Once Lost tour
8/16/2006 Radio Rebellion Tour (Norma Jean, etc.) dates
7/26/2006 Radio Rebellion Tour tour announced
4/14/2006 Norma Jean recording new album
9/29/2005 AILD, Norma Jean, Madball, ALOL tour
12/11/2004 Atreyu, Unearth, Norma Jean, SOT tour
10/4/2004 Norma Jean to record album this fall
8/17/2004 Norma Jean news and notes
7/4/2004 Norma Jean update
1/15/2004 Norma Jean and vocalist part ways
1/4/2004 Norma Jean, Beecher UK tour
9/27/2003 Norma Jean and Figure Four tour
4/13/2003 Not Waving But Drowning reissue
3/27/2003 Norma Jean lines up shows
12/31/2002 Norma Jean and Beloved tour dates
12/15/2002 Norma Jean & MewithoutYou tour takes shape
8/7/2002 Norma Jean to soldier on
8/4/2002 Norma Jean news and notes
7/21/2002 18 Visions, ETID, Hopesfall, Norma Jean tour
5/7/2002 Every Time I Die and Bleeding Through dates
4/19/2002 Norma Jean busy recording next album
4/16/2002 Bleeding Through & Every Time I Die to tour U.S.
3/29/2002 Norma Jean (formerly Luti-Kriss) news & notes
2/15/2002 Cornerstone Festival begins to take shape

News Tidbits
10/29/2019 new Norma Jean music video
10/4/2019 Norma Jean drop new song 'Safety Last'
9/20/2019 new Norma Jean song
9/5/2019 check out new episode of the Lambgoat podcast featuring Josh Scogin ('68, ex-Norma Jean, The Chariot)
8/8/2019 Norma Jean debut new video
1/16/2019 Let's face it, this song was a metalcore institution.
1/15/2019 Norma Jean premieres new video
3/12/2017 Norma Jean has premiered a new video.
9/14/2016 Norma Jean has released a new music video.
9/4/2016 Sunndrug (ex-Norma Jean, Spitfire) is streaming new single from their upcoming record.
8/11/2016 Norma Jean has unveiled a new track featuring Coalesce vocalist Sean Ingram.
7/13/2016 Another new Norma Jean song is now online.
5/23/2016 Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die) have premiered their first new song.
9/28/2015 Watch a girl perform an impromptu dance routine in the middle of Norma Jean's mosh pit.
7/15/2015 The Ongoing Concept have been added to Norma Jean's North American tour.
9/25/2013 What happens when five moms watch a Norma Jean music video (with vomiting)?
8/15/2013 Norma Jean's new album, Wrongdoers, has debuted at #37 on the Billboard 200 chart.
8/6/2013 Norma Jean's music video for "If You Got It At Five, You Got it At Fifty" can now be viewed online.
7/19/2013 A b-side track from the forthcoming Norma Jean album has surfaced online.
7/12/2013 Norma Jean has uploaded a "making of" studio video for their upcoming album.
6/24/2013 Norma Jean has unveiled a new song.
4/5/2013 Norma Jean has uploaded a lyric video for their six-second opus, "Shark Bite."
1/11/2013 Norma Jean has debuted a new "song" (it's like 5 seconds long).
9/15/2011 Norma Jean, The Chariot, and Stray From The Path will tour Europe together in Feb/March. Dates pending.
5/2/2011 Norma Jean's new video for "Bastardizer" has made its online debut.
7/21/2010 The new Norma Jean full-length, "Meridional," sold roughly 9,800 in its first week, debuting at #45 on the Billboard 200.
7/20/2010 Norma Jean's video for "Deathbed Atheist" has made its online debut.
7/10/2010 The new Norma Jean album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
6/24/2010 Clips from the new Norma Jean album can be heard here.
5/6/2010 A new Norma Jean track can be found here (sign-up required).
1/25/2009 Silverstein, Norma Jean, Blessthefall, and Before Their Eyes will tour the U.S. from March 22nd until May 3rd. Dates forthcoming.
10/1/2008 Norma Jean's video for "Robots 3 Humans 0" can be seen here.
8/13/2008 Norma Jean's new album, "The Anti-Mother," has debuted at #29 on the Billboard 200 with roughly 16,000 copies sold in its first week.
8/1/2008 Norma Jean is currently streaming their entire new album here.
7/30/2008 Another track from Norma Jean's new album has been posted.
6/24/2008 Yet another new Norma Jean track is online.
6/23/2008 Norma Jean has debuted a track from their upcoming Solid State Records release.
5/24/2008 Norma Jean has posted some new footage of themselves in the studio.
4/20/2008 Norma Jean has posted some footage of themselves tracking their new album.
8/29/2006 Norma Jean has posted another song from their upcoming album.
8/6/2006 Norma Jean has posted another track from their upcoming album.
7/25/2006 Norma Jean has posted a song from their upcoming album, "Redeemer."
9/10/2005 Norma Jean's video for "Absentimental: Street Clam" has been posted online.
3/10/2005 The new Norma Jean album debuted at #62 on the Billboard Top 200, selling nearly 20,000 units.
1/15/2005 Norma Jean have posted a song from their upcoming album, "O' God, The Aftermath," online here.

8/20/2005 Norma Jean interview

8/30/2021 Josh Scogin of '68, The Chariot, & Norma Jean

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