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Poison The Well comments on Atlantic deal

Thursday, May 2, 2002 8:43 AM PT

Poison The Well's Derek Miller addressed his band's situation via their unofficial messageboard yesterday (5/1). Here are his exact comments:

Signing... havent yet! but we will be at some point. the deal is with Velvet Hammer/Atlantic. awesome crew of people, we met everyone and they are a good team that knows whats up. we turned down a couple of other labels that were offering us more money solely based on the fact that we were so comfortable with the people at velvet hammer.

Why velvet hammer...
they want nothing more than for us to exactly what we do. this means 100% artist control! creatively, visually, etc. its our say, we ultimately decide what goes on with our band. so all you bastards complaining about pressure to be more this or more that can stop your worrying. we have worked too hard and done too much on our own to let a label destroy our integrity.

Sound/future music...
as always, we will never stay loyal to anyonthing or anyone but ourselves. this means ignoring EVERYONE and doing exactly what we want. if our next record is heavier than cannibal corpse or more relaxed than a mogwai record, it will be on our OWN accord. dont like it? dont buy it. but rest assured, its our decision what we do with our sound.

we have never waved the flag of anti-capitalism or been die hard indie dudes. we care about music, thats about it. signing means being able to make an amazing sounding record, spending longer amounts of time working on it, ultimately yieliding something we are more happy with etc etc. us signing with velvet hammer does not conflict with ANY of our past ideals.

everything is still peachy. you can bitch about how "trustkill got us where we are" blah bah. you know what? trustkill did a LOT for us, but you can bet your ass that us sitting in a van for the past two years has done just as much. when did you first hear us? was it that add in rolling stone? no, that didnt happen. you probably saw us play a show. so remember, we did just as much to get us where we are. josh rocks, everything is cool, trustkill has been great thus far but we feel like its time to try something else.

If you dont agree with what we are doing, stop supporting us. it is that simple. we arent making bombs or killing indigenous people. we are just making records. all anyone should worry bout is whether or not they like our music. bottom line. on the other hand, thanks a ton to everyone on the board and elsewhere that is stoked to see us sign! all this means is more and more time to focus on playing and writing music. we are fucking stoked!!!!!! to the kids bad mouthing me for not coming to the board anymore...being afraid or what have you. its not fear, i/we just dont care about how you think we should run our band.

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