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9/19/2019 Lord Mantis set to release first new LP in 5 years
10/26/2015 Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) announce tour
8/11/2015 Relapse Records signs Brain Tentacles
7/11/2013 Neurot Recs signs Corrections House (Eyehategod)
1/3/2013 Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) launched
8/23/2012 Yakuza album set for release
5/9/2012 Yakuza recording new album
3/4/2012 Bruce Lamont announces solo tour dates
4/7/2011 Bruce Lamont to tour Europe with Macabre, Keelhaul
11/13/2010 Bruce Lamont solo album set for release
7/29/2010 At A Loss Recs to release Bruce Lamont solo effort
7/28/2010 Triptykon, 1349, Yakuza tour
8/30/2009 Yakuza set to record new album
2/20/2009 Yakuza prepares new album
2/19/2008 Yakuza tour schedule
10/26/2007 Yakuza tour dates (Canada)
9/12/2007 Yakuza records track for Syd Barrett tribute
3/28/2007 Yakuza completes new album
3/10/2007 Yakuza studio update
2/14/2007 Yakuza set to record new album
4/4/2006 Dysrhythmia, Yakuza, etc. tour
3/21/2006 Yakuza tour schedule
1/11/2006 Yakuza prepare to release new album
10/5/2005 Prosthetic Records signs Yakuza
6/17/2005 Yakuza prepare new album
2/16/2005 Yakuza enter studio
1/6/2003 Yakuza tour schedule

News Tidbits
11/20/2013 Corrections House (Neurosis, Eyehategod) has unveiled their new music video for "Bullets and Graves."
8/8/2013 Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) has unveiled the first new track from their debut.
4/8/2010 A track from Yakuza's forthcoming release is available here.
2/5/2008 Yakuza's video for "Black Market Liver" is available online.
7/2/2007 A track from Yakuza's upcoming Prosthetic release is now online.

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