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Within The Ruins

6/26/2024 Within The Ruins share new single "Castle in the Sky" and announce new album
2/6/2024 Bleeding Through, Within the Ruins, and Upon A Burning Body added to Big Texas Metal Fest 2024
6/9/2022 The Red Chord, Bleeding Through, more added to Tattoo The Earth festival
6/22/2021 Shadows Fall announce reunion show
3/14/2021 The Contortionist, Within The Ruins, more to livestream concert
9/25/2020 Within The Ruins debut first single from new album
9/24/2020 Within The Ruins to release new album in November
8/27/2018 As I Lay Dying adds Within The Ruins, Kingdom Of Giants to tour
7/28/2018 Within The Ruins release two new tracks
5/25/2018 Within The Ruins, Buried Above Ground, Sentinels mini-tour
4/26/2018 Within The Ruins, Phinehas, Great American Ghost tour dates
2/24/2018 Within The Ruins parts ways with vocalist
8/17/2017 Within The Ruins, Aversions Crown, Currents tour
7/31/2017 Texas Revolution Fest 2017 announced
3/7/2017 Upon A Burning Body, Within The Ruins, Kublai Khan tour
12/19/2016 Born Of Osiris, Volumes, more announce U.S. tour
12/17/2016 Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Within The Ruins tour
11/21/2016 Within The Ruins announce new album, premiere song
9/22/2016 Within the Ruins, Fit For An Autopsy, TLTSOL tour (Europe)
5/3/2016 Within The Ruins recording new album
11/3/2015 Within The Ruins, Currents mini-tour
10/12/2015 The Last Ten Seconds of Life cancel tour of Europe
7/14/2015 Carnifex, Within The Ruins, Fallujah tour (Europe)
5/27/2015 The All Stars Tour 2015 officially unveiled
5/21/2015 The All Stars Tour 2015 lineup revealed?
2/16/2015 Within The Ruins flip van, trailer; gear destroyed
12/9/2014 Suicide Silence, Emmure, Within The Ruins tour
10/17/2014 Within The Ruins, I Declare War tour (Europe)
10/1/2014 Within The Ruins, Texas In July tour dates
8/11/2014 Born Of Osiris, Thy Art Is Murder, Erra, more tour
5/31/2014 Within The Ruins to release new album in July
5/22/2014 Within The Ruins, Lorna Shore tour dates
5/2/2014 The Summer Slaughter Tour 2014 dates announced
4/24/2014 Summer Slaughter 2014 lineup announced
4/22/2014 Within The Ruins cancel tour due to health issues
4/20/2014 Within The Ruins frontman hospitalized
2/26/2014 Whitechapel, Carnifex, WTR, Cruel Hand tour dates
2/25/2014 Whitechapel, Carnifex touring together this spring
2/20/2014 'New England Metal Fest Takes Over Austin' lineup
1/29/2014 Within The Ruins recording new album
1/29/2014 Oceano, Within The Ruins, Barrier mini-tour
9/25/2013 Within The Ruins, Sworn In, Legion tour dates
7/2/2013 The Acacia Strain, Within The Ruins, Xibalba tour
5/17/2013 Within The Ruins, Abiotic tour dates
5/11/2013 Pennsylvania Deathbed Festival announced
5/1/2013 All Shall Perish, Oceano, Within The Ruins tour
4/19/2013 The Faceless, Within The Ruins tour dates (Canada)
2/21/2013 Contortionist, Within The Ruins, etc. tour dates
2/14/2013 After The Burial, Contortionist, Glass Cloud tour
1/31/2013 Within The Ruins to film two music videos
1/22/2013 Chelsea Grin, Attila, Betraying The Martyrs tour
1/15/2013 Within The Ruins announces new album
11/12/2012 eOne/Good Fight Music announces two new signings
8/13/2012 Iwrestledabearonce, Oceano, Vanna tour
6/4/2012 Within The Ruins, Molotov Solution, Adestria tour
5/29/2012 Impending Doom, Within The Ruins, etc. tour dates
3/16/2012 Within The Ruins prepares record new album
12/12/2011 Whitechapel, Miss May I, After The Burial tour
10/11/2011 Mychildren Mybride, Within The Ruins, etc. tour
3/10/2011 Within The Ruins announces new EP
2/18/2011 Within The Ruins cancels Canada tour dates
1/3/2011 Suffokate, Within The Ruins tour (Canada)
10/21/2010 A Plea For Purging, Within The Ruins tour
7/23/2010 Within The Ruins' new album set for release
5/12/2010 Within The Ruins, TWWK, Woe Of Tyrants tour
3/12/2010 Within The Ruins prepares new album
3/1/2010 Within The Ruins, I Am Abomination dates
2/16/2010 Within The Ruins replaces guitarist
1/4/2010 Within The Ruins, And Hell Followed With dates
12/12/2009 Within The Ruins, Attila, We Are The End dates
10/10/2009 Within The Ruins, Chelsea Grin tour dates
7/3/2009 Within The Ruins, The Crimson Armada tour
5/7/2009 Within The Ruins, Seneca, Martyrdom tour
5/4/2009 Within The Ruins line-up changes
1/18/2009 Within The Ruins, Wretched tour
9/23/2008 Victory Records signs two bands
5/23/2007 Innerstrength Records signs Within The Ruins

News Tidbits
11/28/2020 Within The Ruins premiere new video
10/26/2020 Within The Ruins debut title track of new album
11/4/2018 new Within The Ruins music video
3/2/2017 Within The Ruins have released a new video.
2/24/2017 Within The Ruins has unveiled a new song from their forthcoming album.
1/11/2017 Within The Ruins have premiered a music video for new song "Beautiful Agony."
10/6/2014 Within The Ruins has premiered their new video for "Calling Card."
7/22/2014 Within The Ruins have debuted a new music video.
7/21/2014 Within The Ruins' new album can now be streamed in its entirety.
7/5/2014 Within The Ruins has uploaded a preview of their forthcoming album.
6/11/2014 A new Within The Ruins song is available online.
7/22/2013 Within The Ruins' new music video for "New Holy War" has made its online debut
3/6/2013 The new Within The Ruins album has debuted on the Billboard 200 chart.
2/26/2013 Within The Ruins' new video for "Feeding Frenzy" has made its online debut.
2/4/2013 Within The Ruins has debuted a new track from their forthcoming album.
7/20/2011 Within The Ruins has premiered their new video for "Controller."
5/2/2011 Within The Ruins has been chosen (via fan voting) to open the Summer Slaughter tour.
4/25/2011 Within The Ruins' new video for "Versus" is available online.
4/12/2011 Within The Ruins' cover of the Kansas song "Carry On Wayward Son" can be heard online here.
3/21/2011 A new Within The Ruins studio update video can be seen here.
3/2/2011 A pre-production video for Within The Ruins' forthcoming EP is now online.
8/10/2010 Within The Ruins' video for "Invade" has made its online debut.
8/2/2010 Within The Ruins has uploaded another track from their upcoming release.
11/7/2009 Within The Ruins has posted a track featuring their new vocalist.
2/9/2009 Within The Ruins has uploaded more material from their new album.
1/15/2009 Within The Ruins has unveiled a song from their Victory Records debut.

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