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With Honor

8/23/2023 With Honor debut new music video "The Weight" from upcoming 'Boundless' record
8/2/2023 With Honor share third new single off first full-length in 18 years
7/13/2023 With Honor return with first new album in 18 years, deliver pair of singles
7/15/2022 Plague Mind (members of Love Is Red, With Honor) release debut album
8/18/2021 With Honor sign to Pure Noise Records, to reissue debut album
7/2/2010 Reign Supreme adds new guitarist
11/10/2008 With Honor, Risk Taken, etc. reunion show
11/30/2007 With Honor announces shows
5/29/2006 With Honor to release collection of early material
5/22/2006 Ignite and With Honor tour (Europe)
5/1/2006 With Honor update
3/20/2006 Think Fast! Records signs two bands
2/3/2006 With Honor lose vocalist
11/2/2005 Stretch Arm Strong and With Honor dates (Europe)
10/7/2005 Most Precious Blood, With Honor, etc. tour
9/30/2005 With Honor, Walls Of Jericho, etc. tour
5/2/2005 With Honor prepare to record new album
2/24/2005 Victory Records signs With Honor
1/22/2005 With Honor, victims of theft
12/8/2004 Stretch Arm Strong, With Honor, H20 dates
9/16/2004 With Honor set to shoot video
8/8/2004 With Honor replaces Time In Malta on tour
4/13/2004 With Honor and The Distance tour, split
8/25/2003 Embrace Today and With Honor tour
7/30/2003 With Honor news and notes
6/2/2003 The Distance and With Honor split
3/11/2003 With Honor close to completing Stillborn debut
1/24/2003 Stillborn Records signs With Honor
12/11/2002 With Honor set for Winter tour
11/11/2002 With Honor (ex-Hamartia) news and notes
9/26/2002 With Honor (ex-Hamartia, etc.) update

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