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3/25/2024 Weedeater and Telekinetic Yeti announce Spring U.S. dates
7/12/2023 Weedeater share new U.S. tour dates with King Parrot for September
2/7/2023 Weedeater to embark on U.S. & UK/Ireland Winter tour
10/18/2022 Weedeater to tour East Coast U.S. with Telekinetic Yeti and Donnie Doolittle
5/26/2022 Weedeater postpone remainder of U.S. tour due to Covid
3/4/2022 Weedeater headlining spring U.S. tour
7/10/2021 Weedeater, The Atomic Bitchwax tour dates
6/13/2021 Weedeater announce summer tour
5/14/2021 2021 Full Terror Assault lineup finalized
1/9/2020 Weedeater, The Goddamn Gallows tour dates
9/19/2019 Psycho Smokeout 2.0 lineup announced
8/13/2019 ex-Weedeater drummer jailed for spiking wife's drink with meth
5/16/2019 Weedeater, Irata mini-tour
3/6/2019 Weedeater headlining tour dates
2/7/2019 Weedeater, ASG, Toke tour dates
11/6/2018 Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar tour announced
8/26/2018 Weedeater drummer passes away
4/25/2018 Weedeater, Zeke, Sierra tour
4/4/2018 Electric Funeral Fest 2018 lineup finalized
1/31/2018 Weedeater announce 'God Luck And Good Speed' tour
6/29/2017 Weedeater announces North American tour
5/1/2017 Weedeater, Black Wizard, Serial Hawk tour
3/27/2017 Weedeater, Primitive Man tour dates
3/8/2017 The Obsessed to headline U.S. tour
2/6/2017 Weedeater, ASG tour dates
1/26/2017 Berserker 2017 lineup announced
2/18/2016 Weedeater announces new leg of North American tour
1/15/2016 Heavy Metal Parking Lot 3 lineup announced
1/6/2016 Weedeater, Author & Punisher, Today Is The Day tour
7/18/2015 Maryland Deathfest 2016 announces 45 more bands
6/17/2015 Weedeater, Kings Destroy tour dates
4/20/2015 Weedeater, Today Is The Day tour (Europe)
1/15/2015 Weedeater, King Parrot tour
12/12/2014 Weedeater announces European tour dates
9/28/2014 Weedeater, Full Of Hell, Lazer Wulf tour
8/1/2014 Day Of The Shred 2014 lineup announced
7/31/2014 Weedeater prepares to record new album
7/30/2014 Weedeater tour dates
6/23/2014 Weedeater to reissue debut album
4/27/2014 Corrosion of Conformity, Weedeater tour (AUS)
12/19/2013 Weedeater, Black Cobra tour dates
11/5/2013 Weedeater signs with Season of Mist
6/7/2013 Weedeater announces U.S. tour
5/12/2013 Weedeater tour dates
9/20/2012 Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup
7/30/2012 Saint Vitus, Weedeater, Sourvein tour
3/2/2012 Weedeater, ASG, Cough tour
7/18/2011 Weedeater, Saviours, Bison BC, Fight Amp tour
5/31/2011 Relapse Records to release Hail!Hornet album
4/5/2011 Weedeater guitarist breaks hand
1/17/2011 Weedeater, Zoroaster tour
12/19/2010 Weedeater completes new album
7/27/2010 Weedeater set to record new album
1/29/2010 Gates Of Slumber, Weedeater, etc. tour
1/12/2010 Weedeater shoots itself in the foot (literally)
1/7/2010 Weedeater to enter studio this month
7/1/2009 Down, Melvins tour dates
1/6/2009 Down, Hank III, Weedeater tour
9/26/2008 Today Is The Day, Weedeater tour
7/28/2008 Black Cobra, Weedeater tour
5/25/2007 Sunn 0))), Earth, Weedeater mini-tour
4/20/2007 Skeletonwitch and Weedeater tour
4/18/2007 Southern Lord Records signs Weedeater
10/14/2005 Jumbo's Killcrane and Weedeater tour
11/4/2004 Jumbo's Killcrane and Weedeater tour
7/26/2002 Cable signs with Berserker Records

News Tidbits
5/13/2015 Weedeater is currently streaming their new album in its entirety.
4/28/2015 Another new Weedeater track is available online.
4/14/2015 A new Weedeater track titled "Claw of the Sloth" is streaming.
3/11/2011 Weedeater's new album can currently be streamed in its entirety.

4/14/2015 Weedeater "Claw of the Sloth" song premiere

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