Throwdown news


1/21/2021this final album from a certain Orange County, CA metal/hardcore band was released 7 years ago today
6/15/2017A new video from Dear Furious (ex-Strife, Throwdown, Adamantium) is now online.
9/4/2014Video footage of Throwdown's entire set from Amnesia Rockfest 2014 has been uploaded.
1/29/2014Throwdown's new album, Intolerance, has debuted at #142 on the Billboard 200.
1/17/2014The new Throwdown album can now be streamed in its entirety.
1/15/2014Another track from Throwdown's new album can be heard online.
12/10/2013A track from Throwdown's new album can now be heard online.
8/3/2010Two new videos from Throwdown (for the songs "Tombs" and "Blinding Light") have been made public.
11/3/2009Throwdown's forthcoming album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
10/30/2009Several new Throwdown tracks are now available online.
10/9/2009Throwdown as premiered a track from their forthcoming E1 Music debut.
8/15/2007Throwdown's "Venom & Tears" has debuted at #81 on the Billboard 200 with 8,600 albums sold.
7/21/2007A full album preview of Throwdown's upcoming album is now online.
7/5/2007Throwdown has posted another track from their forthcoming release.
6/4/2007Throwdown has posted a track from their forthcoming Trustkill Records release.
3/8/2006In Flames, Throwdown, Nevermore, and Evergrey will tour the U.S. together in May. Dates will be forthcoming.
8/9/2005Throwdown will be supporting Soulfly on tour in October.
6/2/2005The video for the Throwdown song "Burn" is now available online.
5/19/2005Two tracks from Throwdown's upcoming album, Vendetta, have been posted here.
9/8/2004Check out the trailer for the new Throwdown DVD here.
5/25/2004Throwdown's new video for the song "Forever" (directed by Chris Sims) has been posted online here.
3/18/2004Dates are currently being booked for Throwdown's tour of Europe, which will take place from June 1st through June 31st. In related news, the group will release a DVD this summer.


4/16/2020Throwdown announce 'Take Cover' EP
8/17/2017The Eulogy (ex-Madball, Throwdown) set to release new EP
12/5/2013Throwdown announces new album
5/2/2013Throwdown set to record new album
6/12/2012Culture to issue collection of unreleased songs
10/6/2011Throwdown to tour w/ Demon Hunter, BT members
9/7/2011Throwdown, Carnifex, First Blood, Suffokate tour
1/14/2010Throwdown cancels tour, God Forbid steps in
12/7/2009Shadows Fall, Throwdown, etc. tour
10/30/2009Throwdown signs European deal w/ Nuclear Blast
9/28/2009Throwdown, Bury Your Dead, For Today tour
7/15/2009Throwdown finishes recording new album
4/20/2009Throwdown recording new album
3/10/2009Madball recruits ex-Throwdown drummer
12/12/2008Throwdown signs with KOCH Records
12/10/2008Throwdown drummer leaves band
10/16/2008Monument to Thieves (ex-Throwdown) formed
5/2/2008Cavalera Conspiracy, DEP, Throwdown, etc. tour
3/28/2008Throwdown no longer under contract w/ Trustkill
2/29/2008Killswitch Engage, Throwdown, PTW dates
12/12/2007Throwdown, Soilwork, TTEOTD, War Of Ages tour
7/16/2007Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Throwdown tour
4/3/2007Throwdown headlining Warped Tour side-stage
3/22/2007Throwdown studio update
11/25/2006Throwdown select Mudrock to produce album
11/21/2006Throwdown prepares new album
11/16/2006Throwdown, Warriors, All Shall Perish, mini-tour
8/7/2006Throwdown records two cover songs
7/6/2006Throwdown, Zao, Evergreen Terrace, etc. tour
3/15/2006In Flames, Throwdown, Nevermore, etc. tour
12/24/2005Black Dahlia Murder, Throwdown, etc. dates
12/23/2005Throwdown, The Red Chord, etc. tour
11/28/2005Arch Enemy, Throwdown, SYL dates (UK)
9/16/2005Soulfly, Throwdown, Bloodsimple, etc. tour
8/17/2005Throwdown's second guitarist
7/18/2005Throwdown, Remembering Never, etc. tour
5/17/2005Throwdown complete new video
3/14/2005Throwdown finish new album
2/14/2005As I Lay Dying, Throwdown, ATR tour
1/27/2005Throwdown, The Chariot, IDT, etc. tour
1/14/2005Throwdown set to record album
12/21/2004Throwdown lineup change, album update
12/8/2004Throwdown, Day Of Contempt, etc. mini-tour (CA)
9/1/2004LOG, Throwdown, Fear Factory, etc. dates
4/6/2004Most Precious Blood and Throwdown dates
9/15/2003Throwdown looking for new drummer
6/5/2003Throwdown, Terror, and ETID tour
5/25/2003Keith Barney (18V, Throwdown) forms label
4/29/2003Hatebreed, Throwdown, AF, etc. dates
2/24/2003Throwdown signs with Trustkill Records
1/15/2003Throwdown news and notes
12/15/2002Throwdown news and notes
8/22/2002Eighteen Visions & Throwdown European tour
6/25/2002Throwdown to release their own EP
6/5/2002Most Precious Blood and Throwdown dates
5/29/2002Throwdown vocalist situation
2/13/2002Throwdown update and Warped Tour dates
2/8/2002Throwdown still working on new material
1/23/2002Poison The Well and Throwdown split update
12/11/2001Throwdown & Bleeding Through tour schedule
11/1/2001Throwdown & Bleeding Through tour
9/26/2001Throwdown to hit Northeast in Oct.
9/7/2001Throwdown parts ways w/ drummer
5/12/2001Throwdown and Martyr AD tour
4/23/2001Martyr AD to tour with Throwdown
3/22/2001Throwdown maps out mini-tour
3/7/2001Throwdown planning April tour
2/18/2001Throwdown now on PTW split
1/10/2001Throwdown album release show