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Throwdown news and notes

Wednesday, January 15, 2003 6:56 AM PT / 6,000 views

This weekend Throwdown will begin recording for a fifteen-song full-length, which should be out this Spring. The record label releasing the full-length has been selected, but the group is waiting for a few more legalities to be finalized before announcing anything official. The album will consist of ten original tracks in addition to a few other re-recorded versions of previous tracks. Among these tracks are "The One Thing" (from the band's Xmas 7" with Good Clean Fun), "False Idols" (from their split 7" with Poison The Well), and "Nothing Left (from their recent "Face The Mirror" EP). Drummer Jarred Alexander, who has recorded with Death By Stereo, Adamantium, and American Nightmare, among others, will be playing drums on the full-length since Throwdown doesn't currently have a drummer. As such, once recording is finished, the band will be looking for someone permanent on drums. Serious inquiries can be sent here.

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