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Soul Control

5/20/2014 Gem City Festival 2014 lineup finalized
7/23/2012 Bridge Nine announces Scion Label Showcase
5/16/2012 Soul Control to release new EP in July
4/7/2012 Soul Control set to record new EP
4/6/2012 The Fest 11 lineup announced
3/7/2012 Verse set to record new album
2/26/2012 Verse, Soul Control, Ritual tour (Europe)
5/31/2011 Soul Control set to release new EP
4/22/2010 Soul Control tour dates
3/3/2010 Soul Control tour schedule
10/16/2009 Soul Control, Outbreak tour
7/15/2009 Soul Control tour schedule
5/12/2009 Soul Control, Rotting Out tour dates
3/18/2009 Bridge Nine Records signs Soul Control
12/18/2008 Soul Control tour schedule
9/19/2008 Hex Records not releasing Soul Control 7"
7/5/2008 Soul Control set to enter studio
5/4/2008 Soul Control replaces singer
4/27/2008 Soul Control, Lie and Wait tour dates
10/3/2007 Blacklisted, Shipwreck, Soul Control tour (Europe)
6/24/2007 Have Heart, Sinking Ships tour
3/28/2007 Rivalry Records signs Soul Control

News Tidbits
10/1/2016 BulletEater (Cannae, Soul Control, etc.) has released a new music video.
2/10/2015 Sweet Jesus (Have Heart, Dropdead, more) has premiered a song from their debut full-length.
7/16/2012 Soul Control has made two tracks from their forthcoming EP available for streaming.
12/17/2009 Soul Control has made their cover of Dinosaur Jr.'s "Feel the Pain" available online.
7/3/2009 Soul Control has posted a track from their upcoming Bridge Nine debut.
7/19/2008 Soul Control has posted the four songs that comprise their upcoming four 7" series.
1/10/2007 Soul Control (ex-Verse, What Feeds The Fire) has posted some demo material.

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