Sick Of It All news


6/25/2020Sick Of It All share new video
2/26/2020Crown Of Thornz will open most of the upcoming Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All tour
7/12/2019one of the greatest hardcore albums ever was released 30 years ago today
7/11/2019new Sick Of It All music video
11/3/2018Sick Of It All releases new video
10/18/2018Sick Of It All premiere title track of new album
7/12/2018This seminal hardcore record was released 29 years ago today.
10/27/2016Sick Of It All has debuted a new song titled "Black Venom."
3/5/2015Sick Of It All's new video for "Get Bronx" has made its online debut.
12/3/2014New earnings and attendance data for Slipknot, Slayer, Mastodon, Clutch, more.
10/28/2014Sick Of It All has premiered a new music video.
9/23/2014Sick Of It All has uploaded a track from their forthcoming album.
9/15/2014Sick Of It All has premiered another track from their forthcoming album.
8/11/2014The first new track from Sick Of It All's upcoming LP is now online.
1/16/2013The Last Stand is streaming a new song featuring Lou Koller of Sick Of It All.
10/17/2011Sick Of It All has premiered their re-recorded version of "Us Vs. Them."
10/6/2011A trailer for Sick Of It All's forthcoming release is now online.
4/28/2010The new Sick Of It All full-length, "Based On A True Story," sold roughly 1,500 copies in the U.S. in its debut week.
4/27/2010Sick Of It All's new video for "Death or Jail" is now online.
4/9/2010The new Sick Of It All full-length can currently be streamed in its entirety.
3/16/2007Two more songs (via Madball and Pennywise) from the Sick Of It All tribute are now online.
3/7/2007Two different tracks from the upcoming Sick Of It All tribute can be heard online each week.
3/14/2006Sick Of It All have posted a track from their upcoming Abacus Recs release.
8/13/2004Sick Of It All, Unearth, Ramallah, Walls Of Jericho, and 7 Seconds will be touring Europe together November 4th through the 28th.
6/5/2004Sick Of It All, Terror, and Time In Malta will be touring together for several weeks in July and August.


3/26/2021Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All cancel tour dates
8/14/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce 2021 tour dates
4/10/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce rescheduled tour
3/9/2020Sick Of It All postpone tour of Latin America
2/8/2020Black N' Blue Bowl 2020 announced
1/27/2020Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All co-headlining tour
12/10/2019Welcome To Rockville 2020 lineup announced
11/19/2019Epicenter 2020 to feature Metallica, Deftones, Power Trip, more
10/23/2019Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All announce New York shows
6/5/2019Municipal Waste, Napalm Death co-headlining fall tour
3/4/2019Sick Of It All, Slapshot, Wisdom In Chains tour dates
12/15/2018Sick Of It All, Iron Reagan tour dates
12/10/2018Camp Anarchy 2019 announced
12/10/2018Musink 2019 to feature Hatebreed, Limp Bizkit, Fear, more
10/3/2018Life Of Agony, Sick Of It All set for 'Two Sick Nights Of Agony'
8/31/2018Sick Of It All premieres first single from new album
8/16/2018Sick Of It All to release new album in November
4/10/2018Suicidal Tendencies tour dates (Canada)
3/30/2018This Is Hardcore 2018 lineup announced
3/13/2018Sick Of It All, Murphy's Law tour dates
2/28/2018Sick Of It All working on new album
7/31/2017Sick Of It All in accident with 'drunk driver'
3/22/2017Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
9/2/2016Sick Of It All to release new EP
3/17/2016Sick Of It All, Street Dogs, Manipulate mini-tour
3/9/2016Sick Of It All tour dates
2/24/201644 Fest lineup finalized
1/8/2016Sick Of It All, Broken Teeth tour (Europe)
7/14/2015Sick Of It All tour (Australia)
2/11/2015Amnesia Rockfest 2015 lineup announced
1/21/2015Agnostic Front detail new album
1/19/2015Natefest benefit lineup announced
12/31/2014Black N' Blue Bowl 2015 lineup takes shape
12/16/20142015 Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival lineup
12/2/2014Sick Of It All, Stick To Your Guns tour (Brazil)
9/23/2014Sick Of It All announces North American tour
8/4/2014East Coast Tsunami Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
7/21/2014Sick Of It All announces new album
6/3/2014Sick Of It All finishes recording new album
5/20/2014Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 lineup announced
5/15/2014Sick Of It All begins recording new album
3/31/2014Sick Of It All announces tour of Europe
3/7/2014Ink N Iron Festival lineup announced
3/1/2014Think Fast! announces Sick Of It All represses
2/7/2014United Blood Fest 2014 lineup
1/29/2014Sick Of It All writing new album
2/22/2013Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Sick Of It All tour
8/21/2012Within These Walls 2012 lineup takes shape
7/30/2012East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 lineup
7/20/2012East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 takes shape
7/11/2012Revelation 25 NYC shows lineup announced
5/7/2012CBGB Fest to feature Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, VOD
4/25/2012Within These Walls 2012 takes shape
4/17/2012Scion Rock Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
2/7/2012Revelation Records announces 25th anniversary show
2/6/2012Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front tour (Australia)
9/26/2011Sick Of It All debuts re-recorded "classic"
9/13/2011Sick Of It All, Shai Hulud tour (Europe)
9/12/2011Sick Of It All re-records songs for new album
3/18/2011Think Fast! Recs to release Sick Of It All vinyl
2/4/2011Sick Of It All announces 25th anniversary show
1/8/2011Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid tour (South America)
12/13/2010Sick Of It All, Outbreak, Alpha & Omega tour
7/31/2010Sick Of It All, Madball tour (Europe)
7/24/2010Persistence Tour 2010 (Europe) dates
5/12/2010Sick Of It All, Trash Talk, etc. mini-tour
3/27/2010Sick Of It All postpones South America tour
3/9/2010Sick Of It All to shoot new video
3/8/2010Exclusive: Sick Of It All premieres new track
1/22/2010Sick Of It All signs with Century Media
12/12/2009AFI, Sick Of It All tour (UK)
11/6/2009Sick Of It All recording new album
10/2/2009Sick Of It All set to record new album
8/6/2008Persistence Tour 2008 (Europe)
11/15/2007Sick Of It All, Madball, DBD, etc. tour
8/29/2007Sick Of It All, Madball tour
7/30/2007Sick Of It All, Wisdom In Chains dates (Europe)
7/24/2007Abacus Recordings shuts down
3/7/2007Sick Of It All cancels European tour
3/5/2007Sick Of It All cancels remainder of tour
2/28/2007Sick Of It All cancels shows
2/5/2007Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid tour (Australia)
1/30/2007Sick Of It All, Wisdom In Chains tour (Europe)
1/29/2007Sick Of It All, Dropkick Murphys tour
11/30/2006Hatebreed and Sick Of It All dates
10/20/2006Sick Of It All tribute announced
8/28/2006Sick Of It All, Madball, Terror tour (Europe)
7/30/2006Sick Of It All, The Warriors, etc. tour
2/18/2006Sick Of It All, First Blood, SAS dates
1/24/2006Sick Of It All and Dropkick Murphys dates
10/24/2005Sick Of It All signs w/ Abacus Recs
4/28/2005Sick Of It All update
7/4/2004Terror, Sick Of It All, etc. tour
10/26/2003Sick Of It All, Most Precious Blood tour
5/13/2003Bridge Nine to release Sick Of It All EP
8/22/2002Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All tour
4/8/2002Handful of bands confirmed for Krazy Fest
2/6/2002A bunch of new Thursday tour dates announced
1/25/2002Thursday, Shai Hulud, & Sick Of It All dates
3/26/2001Sick Of It All & The Hope Conspiracy tour schedule
2/27/2001Sick Of It All & Death By Stereo tour
1/30/2001Sick Of It All & Death By Stereo tour