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Sick Of It All sue Mobb Deep and Supreme for stealing their logo

Mobb Deep Sues Sick Of It All

Mobb Deep, the hip-hop group composed of Kejuan Muchita, also known as Havoc, and the Estate of Albert Johnson, known as Prodigy, are currently facing a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Bush Baby Zamagate, Inc., a hardcore record label representing Sick Of It All.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopDX, the label claims that Mobb Deep stole their dragon logo. 

Supreme, a clothing brand, is also named in the suit due to their collaboration with Mobb Deep, where they used the disputed logo on clothing.

The lawsuit alleges that Mobb Deep has used a logo featuring a dragon intermittently since at least 1997. However, Sick Of It All claims to have used a similar dragon logo dating back to 1987. 

Interestingly, Bush Baby Zamagate, Inc. claims to have repeatedly requested Mobb Deep to cease using their logo as far back as 2003, or possibly even earlier, and the group allegedly agreed.

The lawsuit states:

This is not the first time that Plaintiff has objected to Mobb Deep's use of a logo substantially identical to Plaintiff's Mark. Twice, most recently in 2003, Plaintiff previously demanded that Mobb Deep cease use of its infringing logo, and Mobb Deep and its affiliates complied. In addition, immediately prior to the institution of this lawsuit, Plaintiff demanded that Defendants cease use of their infringing logo and provide an accounting to Plaintiff of sales of the infringing goods. Defendants refused to comply with those demands.

However, in June 2023, Supreme joined forces with Mobb Deep and began incorporating a similar logo on their clothing items, including t-shirts and hats. 

Consequently, the plaintiff has taken legal action, asserting claims of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and seeking appropriate remedies under both federal and New York state trademark laws.

The full lawsuit is available to read below.

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