Protest The Hero news


6/18/2020Protest The Hero release first new album in 6 years
5/15/2020Protest The Hero debut new track
8/14/2015Watch Protest The Hero's guitarist fall off the stage mid-show in dramatic fashion.
8/6/2014Protest The Hero has debuted a new music video for "Mist."
2/28/2014Protest The Hero has premiered their new video for "Tilting At Windmills."
11/7/2013Protest The Hero's new video for "Underbite" is available online.
10/17/2013Protest The Hero has debuted another track from their forthcoming album.
10/2/2013Protest The Hero has uploaded another track from their upcoming album.
9/19/2013Protest the Hero has posted their Star Wars vs. Star Trek lyric video for "Clarity."
9/5/2013Protest The Hero has debuted the first new track from their next album.
2/3/2011Protest The Hero has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.


4/16/2020Protest The Hero premiere new song 'Canary'
11/6/2019Protest The Hero finish recording new album
7/30/2019Protest The Hero to release new album this winter
1/30/2019Protest The Hero finishing up new album
6/27/2018Coheed And Cambria, Protest The Hero tour dates (Canada)
6/6/2018Protest The Hero cancel tours, postpone recording sessions
3/20/2018Norma Jean, Protest The Hero to tour Europe, UK
2/27/2018Protest The Hero to tour Japan
11/29/2017Protest The Hero announces North American tour
6/27/2017Protest The Hero mini-tour (Canada)
4/14/2017Protest The Hero announces new bassist
11/15/2016Protest The Hero announces North American tour
10/18/2016August Burns Red announce 'Messengers' 10-year tour
10/6/2016Protest The Hero set to release 'Pacific Myth'
9/1/2016Protest The Hero, A Wilhelm Scream, Auras tour (Canada)
2/26/2016Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero dates (Europe)
10/16/2015Protest The Hero launch music subscription service
8/30/2015Protest The Hero announce 'Kezia' anniversary tour
11/7/2014The Faceless cancels tour
7/7/2014Protest The Hero, The Faceless tour (Europe)
5/28/2014Protest The Hero tour (Australia)
5/12/2014Protest The Hero tour dates (Canada)
4/2/2014Protest The Hero bassist quits band
3/31/2014Protest The Hero wins Juno Award
3/20/2014Protest The Hero, Monuments tour dates (Europe)
3/3/2014Heavy Montreal 2014 lineup announced
1/22/2014Protest The Hero, Battlecross, Safety Fire tour
11/28/2013Architects drop off Protest The Hero tour
10/22/2013Protest The Hero bassist to sit out tour
10/10/2013Protest The Hero announces new drummer
9/13/2013Protest The Hero, Tesseract tour (Europe)
8/26/2013Protest The Hero, Architects, Affiance tour
8/15/2013Protest The Hero album set for release
7/24/2013Protest The Hero to release album w/ Razor & Tie
6/6/2013Protest the Hero recruits Lamb of God drummer
1/15/2013Protest The Hero launches campaign to fund album
1/9/2013Protest The Hero prepares new album
6/25/2012Black Label Society, Protest The Hero tour (CAN)
1/30/2012Protest The Hero, Periphery tour
1/12/2012Underoath, We Came As Romans dates (South America)
10/20/2011Protest The Hero, Blood Command tour (Europe)
10/4/2011Protest The Hero, Scale The Summit tour
1/18/2011Protest The Hero, Maylene, Tesseract tour
8/9/2010Protest The Hero set to record new album
11/13/2006God Forbid cancels Canadian tour
1/21/2006Vagrant Records signs Protest The Hero