TidbitsOctober 2, 2013 11:30 AM ET

Protest The Hero has uploaded another track from their upcoming album.

Protest The Hero has premiered "Drumhead Trial," another song from their forthcoming album, Volition. The band explains:
"Although it was not our initial intention to release this song next... we have put up an official copy of 'Drumhead Trial' for you guys to hear. We heard a bunch of terrible versions of this on Youtube after it aired on radio in the US. If you had the misfortune of hearing one of these monstrosities - our sincerest. Hopefully you can at least rip your heartless comments on a version that sounds a little better. I hope you are all happy - the people have won this round ha! This song features our friend Kayla Howran ripping some vocals toward the end! It also features Ron Jarzombek destroying Luke in a trade-off guitar solo!"