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Pig Destroyer

6/17/2024 Pig Destroyer to celebrate 20 years of 'Painter Of Deal Girls' with reissue
5/24/2024 Sick Of It All and Pig Destroyer to headline Nightshift Party Weekend in Daytona Beach, FL
3/10/2024 Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer (2006-2022) has passed away
2/16/2024 Pig Destroyer announce four East Coast shows with Jarhead Fertilizer and No/Más
11/11/2023 Pig Destroyer perform Brutal Truth cover with Kevin Sharp at Mass Destruction Metal Festival
7/7/2023 Outer Heaven's latest single features Pig Destroyer's J.R. Hayes
6/29/2023 Mass Destruction Metal Fest 2023 announced ft Autopsy, Pig Destroyer, Incantation, and more
8/22/2022 Deadguy and Pig Destroyer split in the works, planning shows
2/24/2022 Municipal Waste, Pig Destroyer, Dwarves mini-tour
2/13/2022 End Reign (All Out War, Integrity, Bloodlet, Pig Destroyer) premiere two new songs
2/1/2022 Full Terror Assault Open Air 2022 lineup takes shape
8/24/2021 Outer Heaven announce new covers EP, full stream available
5/25/2021 Deadguy to reunite at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2021
4/30/2021 Pig Destroyer set to release live album, stream available
7/16/2020 Pig Destroyer to release new EP in August
5/12/2020 Metal & Beer Fest rescheduled for 2021
5/5/2020 Lock Up announce new drummer Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer)
1/30/2020 Psycho Las Vegas adds Danizg, Mercyful Fate, Emperor, more
10/15/2019 Metal & Beer Fest 2020 lineup takes shape
4/25/2019 Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour members launch Zealot RIP
1/23/2019 Austin Terror Fest 2019 announced
1/2/2019 Northwest Terror Fest 2019 lineup announced
12/22/2018 Pig Destroyer to release new song via Decibel flex
7/31/2018 The Black Dahlia Murder, Power Trip, Havok, Ghoul tour dates
7/10/2018 Pig Destroyer debuts first single from new album
6/27/2018 Pig Destroyer announce release date for new album
6/25/2018 Metal & Beer Fest LA lineup takes shape
5/14/2018 Pig Destroyer to release new album in September
5/4/2018 Crucialfest 2018 announced
10/17/2017 Pig Destroyer recording new album
10/9/2017 Pig Destroyer, Despise You, Necrot mini-tour
8/28/2017 Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation members launch band
7/24/2017 Maryland Deathfest 2018 adds 19 bands
5/5/2017 Scour adds Misery Index, Pig Destroyer drummer to band
1/17/2017 Chicago Open Air 2017 lineup announced
11/7/2016 Decibel Metal & Beer Fest announced
10/5/2016 Virginia Creep announce debut EP, premiere new song
8/29/2016 The Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death announce U.S tour
4/13/2016 Pig Destroyer announces two September shows
3/14/2016 Southwest Terror Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
9/30/2015 Phil Anselmo, Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decap members start band
9/22/2015 Denver Black Sky Fest 2015 lineup takes shape
12/10/2014 Pig Destroyer announces West Coast shows
11/29/2014 Dropdead cancels shows due to injury
9/25/2014 Pig Destroyer announces three more shows
8/21/2014 Pig Destroyer, Dropdead to play two December shows
8/21/2014 Relapse to release limited Pig Destroyer EP
10/23/2013 Pig Destroyer adds bassist to lineup
8/2/2013 Pig Destroyer announces festival appearances
6/7/2013 Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest linup
4/22/2013 Pig Destroyer announces European shows
4/11/2013 Gwar announces 2013 GWAR-B-Q
3/4/2013 Pig Destroyer releases never-before-heard EP
11/16/2012 Converge to headline Decibel's 100th issue event
11/9/2012 Pig Destroyer re-signs with Relapse Records
10/12/2012 Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer unveils Fulgora
9/20/2012 Maryland Deathfest 2013 lineup
8/30/2012 Pig Destroyer reveals album details, teaser
8/9/2012 Pig Destroyer album set for release
7/19/2012 Pig Destroyer festival appearances, tour dates
7/9/2012 Pig Destroyer recording new album
7/7/2011 Pig Destroyer announces new drummer
9/5/2008 Pig Destroyer tour dates (Australia)
5/2/2008 This Comp Kills Fascists compilation announced
4/24/2008 Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) to release solo LP
5/3/2007 Pig Destroyer announces record release shows
4/22/2007 Pig Destroyer completes new video
4/2/2007 Pig Destroyer completes new album
1/29/2007 Pig Destroyer recording new album
12/5/2006 Los Angeles Murderfest 3.0 announced
7/6/2005 Pig Destroyer update
12/2/2004 Pig Destroyer complete first video
9/26/2004 Relapse Records CMJ showcase
9/9/2004 Pig Destroyer confirm UK tour
7/21/2004 Pig Destroyer completes new album
11/10/2003 Pig Destroyer to release splits collection
11/12/2002 Relapse Contamination Festival info
9/26/2002 Pig Destroyer writing new album

News Tidbits
6/12/2022 this Pig Destroyer album was released 15 years ago today
7/24/2021 this grindcore classic was released 20 years ago today
3/20/2019 Pig Destroyer debut new song
2/27/2019 new Pig Destroyer track
8/29/2018 Pig Destroyer has debuted a new song and music video.
8/8/2018 Pig Destroyer debut new song and music video
4/19/2018 Video: Pig Destroyer and Misery Index members perform Sepultura song with Max Cavalera and Soulfly.
5/12/2016 Listen to the debut track from Scour, featuring Phil Anselmo and members of Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, more.
2/25/2015 The new Fulgora (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index) record can currently be streamed in its entirety.
10/8/2014 Pig Destroyer is now streaming their Mass & Volume EP.
4/17/2014 Want to watch the guys on Comedy Central's Workaholics destroy rats to the music of Pig Destroyer?
3/21/2013 Pig Destroyer's EP, Mass & Volume, is now available for streaming and download.
11/1/2012 Pig Destroyer's new album, Book Burner, has debuted on the Billboard 200 chart.
10/26/2012 Pig Destroyer has premiered their new video for "The Diplomat."
10/15/2012 Pig Destroyer's new album is now available for streaming.
10/10/2012 The full schedule has been announced for the CMJ Music Marathon 2012 in NYC.
10/8/2012 Another new Pig Destroyer song is available online.
9/26/2012 Pig Destroyer has debuted a new song.
9/13/2012 Pig Destroyer's new video for "Burning Palm" has made its online debut.
1/16/2009 Pig Destroyer and Trash Talk will play a free show (with RSVP) on February 4th at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, CA.
10/9/2007 Pig Destroyer's video for "Loathsome" is now online.
5/30/2007 An ecard for the new Pig Destroyer album is now online.
4/20/2007 Pig Destroyer has posted a track from their upcoming album.
9/22/2004 An ecard for Pig Destroyer's upcoming album, "Terrifyer," has been posted here.

1/5/2019 2018 Metal Albums of the Year
12/13/2012 Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer): Six Songs To Die With

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