On Broken Wings news


7/2/2016Another new On Broken Wings song is now online.
1/21/2013The Confrontation (On Broken Wings) is streaming a new song.
6/30/2012On Broken Wings has uploaded two new songs.
8/19/2011On Broken Wings apparently has "huge news coming soon."
11/22/2006On Broken Wings has posted two new demo tracks.
5/11/2005On Broken Wings have posted a track from their upcoming Eulogy Recordings release here.
3/11/2004On Broken Wings has reportedly dropped off the last two weeks of their current tour as a result of vocalist Jonathan Blake tearing cartilidge in his knee.


8/7/2018East Coast Tsunami Fest 2018 lineup takes shape
8/30/2017On Broken Wings, Recon mini-tour
8/29/2017Loud Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/9/2017Nowhere Fest 2017 lineup announced
6/24/2016On Broken Wings premiere new song, sign with Artery Recs
1/26/2016New England Metal Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
1/20/2016Bury Your Dead, On Broken Wings mini-tour
1/18/2016Texas Independence Fest 2016 lineup takes shape
5/11/2015Today's Mixtap Festival 2015 linuep announced
1/22/2015New England Metal & Hardcore Fest 2015 adds bands
12/30/2012On Broken Wings begins recording new album
9/7/2012On Broken Wings finishing up new album
7/18/2012On Broken Wings prepares new album
8/19/2011On Broken Wings to tour with original line-up
6/13/2011Confrontation (On Broken Wings) recording album
12/2/2008On Broken Wings, ABACABB tour dates
9/21/2008Terror, As Blood Runs Black, etc. tour dates
3/11/2008Emmure, On Broken Wings, Ligeia, Recon tour
4/6/2007On Broken Wings goes on hiatus
1/8/2007The Warriors cancel European tour
5/25/2006Sworn Enemy, On Broken Wings, etc. tour
6/14/2005Most Precious Blood, Evergreen Terrace dates
3/23/2005On Broken Wings, Reflux, FASSW, etc. tour
2/25/2005Reflux, OBW, FASSW, Ion Dissonance tour
2/17/2005On Broken Wings finishing up new album
1/19/2005On Broken Wings and Black My Heart tour
12/20/2004On Broken Wings writing new album
6/27/2004Eulogy Recordings Showcase Tour
3/2/2004Embrace Today, Evergreen Terrace, OBW tour
1/11/2004Remembering Never, Calico System, etc. tour
12/8/2003Remembering Never, On Broken Wings tour
10/19/2003Integrity, On Broken Wings, etc. tour
10/7/2003If Hope Dies, Cannae, etc. tour
5/19/2003Evergreen Terrace, Scarlet, etc. tour
5/10/2003ALOL, Beyond The Sixth Seal tour dates
3/17/2003On Broken Wings news and notes
11/29/2002On Broken Wings signs w/ Eulogy Recordings