Oh, Sleeper news


7/18/2019Oh, Sleeper release new video
6/28/2019Oh, Sleeper unveil new song
12/15/2016A new Oh, Sleeper track is available online.
8/13/2014The debut album from Wovenwar has debuted at #36 on the Billboard 200 chart.
7/1/2013Oh, Sleeper has uploaded another track from their new EP.
6/22/2013Oh, Sleeper has debuted a new song.
5/16/2013Oh, Sleeper have posted a video update for their forthcoming EP, in which they briefly preview some new music.
1/22/2013Oh, Sleeper has premiered their new video for "Hush Yael."
9/6/2011Audio clips from Oh, Sleeper's new album can be heard here.
8/23/2011Oh, Sleeper has debuted a new song.
2/3/2010Oh, Sleeper's video for "The Finisher" is available online.
8/11/2009Another new Oh, Sleeper song is available online.
8/4/2009Oh, Sleeper has debuted a track from their forthcoming Solid State Records release.
1/30/2008Oh, Sleeper's video for "Vices Like Vipers" is now online.


11/18/2019Bad Omens, Oh Sleeper, Thousand Below tour announced
5/28/2019Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words, Convictions tour
5/18/2019Oh Sleeper announce new album, premiere song
2/12/2019The Agony Scene, Oh Sleeper, Earth Groans tour
1/27/2019Texas Independence Fest 2019 announced
12/11/2018ex-Oh, Sleeper bassist Lucas Starr passes away
11/30/2018Oh, Sleeper debuts new song
9/28/2018ex-Oh, Sleeper bassist Lucas Starr battling colon cancer
5/24/2018Emery, Oh Sleeper mini-tour
11/24/2017Vile Ones sign with Good Fight Music, premiere song
1/15/2017Unearth, Oh Sleeper mini-tour
12/18/2016Oh, Sleeper guitarist exits band
11/22/2016AURA Fest 2017 lineup announced
7/26/2016Alesana, Oh Sleeper, Famous Last Words tour dates
7/25/2016Oh Sleeper, To Speak Of Wolves tour dates
11/20/2015Oh Sleeper, Rival Choir tour dates
5/26/2014Oh Sleeper, He Is Legend, Maylene, etc. mini-tour
4/17/2014Oh, Sleeper singer Shane Blay puts rumors to rest
8/9/2013Oh, Sleeper tour dates
4/25/2013Oh, Sleeper asks fans to fund new EP, van repairs
1/23/2013Oh Sleeper, Fit For A King tour dates
12/23/2012Upon A Burning Body, Architects on Warped Tour
12/4/2012Oh, Sleeper reveals new guitarist, writing album
12/1/2012Oh, Sleeper guitarist leaving band
9/24/2012Oh, Sleeper tour (Europe)
4/2/2012Oh Sleeper, Wolves At The Gate tour dates
1/18/2012The Devil Wears Prada, Every Time I Die tour
12/8/2011Oh Sleeper, Falling In Reverse tour
11/19/2011Oh, Sleeper: "Shane had his guitar stolen"
11/10/2011Oh, Sleeper's sampler stolen in New York
10/27/2011Norma Jean, Stray From The Path tour announced
10/24/2011Norma Jean, Oh Sleeper, Stray From The Path dates
9/19/2011Oh Sleeper, Greeley Estates, etc. tour
9/2/2011Oh, Sleeper digital album release date moved up
8/2/2011Oh, Sleeper album set for release
3/14/2011Oh Sleeper, Like Moths To Flames tour dates
2/23/2011Oh, Sleeper bassist leaves band
2/13/2011Oh Sleeper, The Chariot tour (Australia)
10/13/2010Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, Conditions tour
8/18/2010Oh Sleeper, The Bled, etc. tour dates
5/10/2010Oh Sleeper seeks new drummer
3/24/2010Oh Sleeper, Greeley Estates tour
1/30/2010Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper tour (UK)
10/8/2009Impending Doom, Oh Sleeper, Showdown tour
9/12/2009The Chariot, Oh Sleeper, etc. tour
7/7/2009Every Time I Die, BMTH, Architects tour
5/20/2009Oh, Sleeper drops off tour
2/13/2009The Human Abstract, Iwrestledabearonce tour
2/2/2009Oh Sleeper, Too Pure To Die tour dates
10/22/2008Oh, Sleeper drummer leaves band
7/4/2008Oh Sleeper, War Of Ages, etc. tour
5/10/2008Oh Sleeper, Spoken, Emarosa tour
4/1/2008Oh, Sleeper robbed in Cleveland
2/18/2008Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Advent tour
1/5/2008Life In Your Way, Oh Sleeper, Once Nothing tour
10/23/2007Oh, Sleeper, The Handshake Murders tour
9/12/2007Nodes Of Ranvier tour cancelled
9/5/2007Nodes Of Ranvier, Life In Your Way tour
3/19/2007Solid State Records signs Oh, Sleeper
9/13/2006Oh, Sleeper signs w/ 1x1 Music
9/6/2006If Hope Dies, The Human Abstract, etc. tour