Neurosis news


1/29/2017Once upon a time, record labels used to send out band publicity photos. I have a few.
9/22/2016A full stream of the new Neurosis album is available online.
8/1/2016Neurosis has uploaded a trailer for their upcoming LP.
3/31/2016Mirrors For Psychic Warfare (Neurosis, Buried At Sea) have premiered the first new song from their debut EP.
3/11/2015The title track of Neurosis frontman Steve Von Till's new solo record is now streaming.
11/20/2013Corrections House (Neurosis, Eyehategod) has unveiled their new music video for "Bullets and Graves."
8/8/2013Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) has unveiled the first new track from their debut.
10/4/2012Neurosis has unveiled another song from their new album.
9/20/2012Neurosis has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
9/5/2012A "visual trailer" for the new Neurosis album is available online.


2/26/2021Steve Von Till (Neurosis) announces new ambient album
3/5/2019Neurosis, Bell Witch, Deafkids tour dates
2/10/2019Neurosis, YOB announce European tour
1/7/2019Mastodon set to release 'brutal' new song
10/23/2018Mastodon announces tour of Europe with Kvelertak, Mutoid Man
9/25/2018Neurosis, Converge to tour Japan
5/9/2018Muddy Roots Music Festival 2018 lineup
5/4/2018Crucialfest 2018 announced
3/20/2018Neurosis, Converge tour announced
2/27/2018Neurosis tour dates (Europe)
6/22/2017Neurosis to play first-ever South America shows
4/5/2017Neurosis, Converge tour dates announced
11/25/2016Psycho Las Vegas 2017 lineup takes shape
11/3/2016Neurosis announces shows in Australia, New Zealand
9/14/2016The Power Of The Riff 2016 announced
8/24/2016Neurosis announces four Pacific Northwest shows
6/22/2016Neurosis to release new album in September
12/17/2015Neurosis set to record new album
10/26/2015Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) announce tour
7/9/2015Neurosis vinyl reissues announced
5/27/2015Neurosis announces North American tour
3/30/2015Neurosis: funds sought for guitarist's ailing wife
2/12/2015Neurosis' Steve Von Till to release solo LP in May
11/17/2014Neurosis, Tragedy announce three December shows
7/15/2014Maryland Deathfest 2015 lineup takes shape
5/17/2014Neurosis announces Australian tour
5/12/2014Southwest Terror Fest 2014 lineup announced
5/11/2014Neurosis announces European live performances
11/12/2013Neurosis announces more shows
7/11/2013Neurot Recs signs Corrections House (Eyehategod)
4/4/2013Neurot Recs to reissue Steve Von Till solo debut
3/21/2013Neurosis tour (Europe)
1/3/2013Corrections House (Eyehategod, Neurosis) launched
11/29/2012Neurosis announces U.S. shows
11/27/2012Neurosis announces departure of 'visual artist'
11/26/2012Sleep wants to be a 'full, reunited band'
8/27/2012Neurosis reveals details of new album
8/13/2012Neurosis to release new album in October
5/31/2012Relapse Records puts full catalog on Bandcamp
4/13/2012Scott Kelly, etc. confirm Townes Van Zandt tribute
12/10/2011Scott Kelly, Eugene Robinson tour
12/8/2011Neurosis: two albums to see deluxe vinyl release
10/4/2011Scott Kelly (Neurosis) announces tour
1/11/2011Neurosis set to reissue 'Souls At Zero'
11/3/2010Neurosis confirms shows
5/26/2010Neurosis to reissue 1993 'classic'
6/12/2009Neurosis tour dates (Europe)
1/9/2009Shrinebuilder (Neurosis) recording debut album
12/17/2008Roadburn Festival 2009 (Holland) details
5/28/2008Storm Of Light (Neurosis) set to release debut
5/25/2008Neurosis tour dates (Europe)
3/25/2008Neurosis members set to release solo albums
12/13/2007Neurosis, Converge shows (WA)
12/12/2007Neurosis announces two New York shows
2/10/2007Neurosis completes new album
8/30/2006Neurosis to enter studio in December
12/2/2005Neurosis writing new album
10/7/2004Neurosis announce four shows
5/26/2004Neurosis announces special show
10/26/2003Neurosis finishing up new album
2/15/2001Neurosis finishes new album