Mediaskare Records news


1/4/2012Adaliah has posted a song from their forthcoming album.


6/29/2016Volumes re-issue albums in attempt to reduce debt
12/10/2015Bermuda to release new album on Christmas Day
10/27/2014Adaliah album set for release
8/20/2014Red Enemy announce new album, debut new song
5/28/2014Volumes announce new album; new song online
5/13/2014Confession announces new album; new song online
2/6/2014Mediaskare Records signs Reformers
2/3/2014Hundredth EP set for release; new song online
12/5/2013Mediaskare Records signs Red Enemy
12/2/2013Mediaskare Records signs The Prestige
1/16/2013Reign Supreme announces EP, debuts new song
6/21/2012Deserters announce Mediaskare release, debut song
3/20/2012Mediaskare Records signs Polarization
2/24/2012Rite of Passage signs Truth And Its Burden
2/14/2012Mediaskare Records signs Antagonist A.D.
12/22/2011Mediaskare Records signs The Last Of Our Kind
12/20/2011Lionheart set to record new album
12/13/2011Creations set to record Mediaskare Records debut
10/5/2011Rite of Passage/Mediaskare signs Adaliah
10/4/2011Right of Passage/Mediaskare signs Redeemer
9/29/2011Rite of Passage/Mediaskare signs The Sheds
9/7/2011Mediaskare Records signs Confession
8/17/2011Rite Of Passage/Mediaskare signs two bands
7/15/2011Reign Supreme signs with Mediaskare Records
6/3/2011Mediaskare Records signs Mureau
3/11/2011Mediaskare Records launches sub-label
3/7/2011Mediaskare Records signs Hero In Error
2/3/2011It Prevails signs with Mediaskare Records
12/14/2010Mediaskare Records signs Knuckle Up!
11/25/2010Mediaskare Records signs Bermuda
7/6/2010Mediaskare Records signs The Red Shore
6/3/2010Deez Nuts signs with Mediaskare Records
3/14/2010Lionheart signs with Mediaskare Records
2/12/2010Mediaskare Records signs King Conquer
11/5/2009Ambush! signs with Mediaskare Records
9/29/2009Mediaskare Records signs Volumes
7/10/2009Murder Death Kill signs w/ Mediaskare Recs
3/10/2009Mediaskare Records signs Blind Witness
2/19/2009Mediaskare Records signs Hundredth
12/24/2008Mediaskare Records signs The Miles Between
8/19/2008Mediaskare Records signs Lose None
7/29/2008Mediaskare Records signs Betrayal
5/8/2008Endwell signs with Mediaskare Records
3/13/2008The Demonstration signs w/ Mediaskare Recs
2/11/2008Century Media partners w/ Mediaskare Records
1/30/2008Mediaskare Recs signs A Breath Before Surfacing
7/6/2007Mediaskare Records signs Belay My Last
5/8/2007Mediaskare Recs signs With Dead Hands Rising
5/7/2006Mediaskare Records adds A Dying Dream to roster