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12/4/2015 Maruta stranded in Colorado, to miss remainder of tour
9/25/2015 Maruta, Vattnet Viskar tour
8/23/2015 ex-Maruta drummer to rejoin band temporarily
8/20/2015 Maruta, Yautja tour dates
7/15/2015 Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Reagan, Harms Way tour
4/17/2014 Maruta set to record new album
4/16/2014 Maruta tour dates
4/8/2014 Southern Darkness Festival lineup takes shape
8/28/2013 Relapse Records signs Maruta
1/15/2013 Maruta reforms, working on new album
11/22/2011 Maruta calls it quits
10/3/2011 Handshake Inc. launches record label
7/16/2011 Maruta shooting new video
12/3/2010 Maruta completes new album
6/21/2010 Maruta adds drummer, set to enter studio
2/4/2010 Trivium announces new drummer
12/28/2009 Maruta news and notes
10/28/2009 Trivium drummer to sit out tour
6/15/2009 Maruta writing new album
2/21/2009 Rotten Sound, Maruta tour dates
12/19/2008 Willowtip Records signs three bands
5/27/2008 Maruta tour schedule
5/16/2008 Impaled, Phobia, Illogicist, Maruta tour
4/21/2008 Maruta album nearing completion
2/12/2008 Maruta looking for new bass player
6/19/2007 Maruta and SWWAATS dates
3/16/2007 Willowtip Records signs Maruta
12/13/2006 Maruta and Monarcs mini-tour
7/6/2006 Maruta recording new album

News Tidbits
1/31/2016 Maruta has premiered a new video for "Durandal."
5/26/2015 Maruta's forthcoming album can now be streamed in its entirety.
4/30/2015 Maruta has debuted a new track featuring Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates.
4/14/2015 Maruta has unveiled another track from their new album.
3/25/2015 Maruta has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.
1/3/2014 Maruta has uploaded a video for their song "Devoid of Allegiance."
5/5/2013 Fraud, a grind collaboration featuring members of Jungle Rot, The Red Chord, etc., has uploaded a new song.
1/12/2011 Willowtip has posted two tracks from Maruta's forthcoming album.
10/28/2008 Another new Maruta track is online.
9/28/2007 Maruta has posted two new songs.
3/14/2007 Maruta has posted two songs from their next album.

4/13/2015 Maruta "Hope Smasher" song premiere

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